Amateur Athlete

 2005 Inductee

Ken Fisher
Born:  Petrolia, Ontario


Highland Games

Ken Fisher was raised, schooled and still lives in the Watford area with his wife of 28 years. 
Ken and his wife Marg have raised two children, Krista and Mike.  Ken's son Mike was an up and coming highland games amateur following in his dad's footsteps until he was forced to retire due to a back injury.

Ken Fisher began his athletic career early, with elementary school track and field carried through to high school and then at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated in

accepting the award were Ken's son and daughter
Michael & Krista Fisher

in 1975 with a BA in Physical Education.

Ken participated in the inaugural Sarnia Highland Games in 1984 where he tied for second place.  Ken's accomplishments in highland sport read like a who's who of heavy events.  He was a member of the All Ontario University Track & Field Championships and placed second in shot at the Ontario University Championships in 1974 and fourth at the Canada Championships.  He won the caber toss at the United States Championships and the East Coast Championships in 1986.

He was the Canadian Caber Toss Champion in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990.  Ken twice competed at the "Strongest Man" Competitions finishing 3rd and 4th and won the inaugural North American Caber Championships in 1991.  In 1995 he won the Loon Mountain Masters breaking every field record and setting four new records including stone carry (230 lbs and 278 lbs).  Ken won the Fergus Masters Championship in 1995, the Alma Michigan Championship in 1997, East Coast Championship in 1997 and the Sarnia Highland Games Championship in 1998.  From 1992-2000 he won the Farmers Walk in Detroit Michigan.

Ken Fisher a true gentleman, a true representative of all Highland Heptatheletes and a true all around Champion.


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