Pan Pan Am Games and the

2008 Professional Award

Mike Ceresia
Born:  Sarnia, Ontario

Mike began his racquetball career at the age of 16 and quickly rose through the Provincial, Canadian and World rankings.  He has won the most world titles in Canadian racquetball history.  He finished with five international racquetball federation world championships gold medals and fifteen world champions silver medals.  In addition Mike won eleven Canadian national championships (singles and doubles professional category).  He also won a silver medal at the 1995 Pan Am games and the 1983 Canada Winter games.  He was a key member of the Canadian National team from 1988 to 2004 and competed in eight consecutive world championships.

Mike is the only player to win IRF World Championship in three different decades and one of only three players to appear in a world singles and world doubles gold medal match.  He posted professional victories over seven world number one ranked players and competed in the US, Japan, Germany, throughout South and Central America and across the US and Canada.

Mike is a graduate of St. Clair Secondary School and Western University and currently resides in Burlington, Ontario with his family.

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