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Ultimate Frisbee Week 11 Highlights

August 8, 2012

Hungate's Mom stumbled in its highly anticipated match against Red Army in the most recent round of Sarnia Ultimate action.

Both teams have proven throughout the season so far that they are contenders for the title this year, but in the recent rain soaked affair, only one team came ready to play.

“The rain cooled down Hungate's Mom, but not us,” said Red Army captain Ryan Clubb.

Hungate's was missing one of its key players, Dan Hackett, due to injury, and it was unable to get anything going against a strong Red Army defence. Red Army won 15-2.

Pants Party were able to recover from the previous week’s heartbreaking with a solid game against the speedy Floppy Discs.

Pants Party came out strong, taking an early lead, but as the skies opened up, the Floppy Discs put together a five-point drive to close out the half.

The second half was a back and forth affair – all the way to an 11-11 score – until Pants Party used their experienced handlers to close out the match 15-12. Melissa Gough played a hard, physical game for the winning side, staying on the field the whole game despite taking some bumps along the way. Floppy Captain Nathan Colquhoun had several impressive defensive stops for his team.

The hottest team in the league – The Suspects – got their eighth straight victory against the Banana Hammocks, who suffered their ninth straight loss.

Banana Hammocks were floppy with the disc in the first half, as the rain washed away their ability to catch.

But after getting skunked the first half, Jamie Gould picked up her offensive game to help her team match the Suspects point for point in the second half, final score 15-7. Suspects' rookie Susan DiBona had a break out game with some great cuts and D-blocks, while Reginald Musclow also helped the winning capitalizing on some great end-zone cuts.

There was some confusion about what exactly happened in the match between the Bulldogs and ‘Nuff Said. ‘Nuff was unable to field a full team but recruited a few Huckstables men to play.

'Nuff Said's Ben Wood and the Bulldogs' Josh Leschyshyn were both standout players for their teams in the game, but the teams had differing views on what the match meant.

Bulldogs are under the impression that ‘Nuff had forfeited the game, giving them a 15-0 win, but ‘Nuff Said was convinced they had earned the 15-9 win after playing.

It will be up to the league’s convenor to rule on the matter.

Meanwhile, Sea Bass and the Gang were unable to field a team against the Wolfpack and definitely forfeited. The Wolves donated a few players to have a fun game of their own, and fun was indeed had.






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