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Olympic Athletes Welcome Home!
August 14, 2012



Olympic Athletes Dominique Pegg along with Coach Dave Brubaker, Derek Drouin and Barbara Gasser retuned
home on Monday after a long night of celebration.  Despite being tired they were all smiles for their hometown fans.


“It was amazing seeing everyone here. That was really nice of them,” said Olympic Gymnast Dominique Pegg 
“All the support from this city is amazing. I’m just incredibly blessed”

Olympic Gymnast Barbara Gasser who competed for Austria but lives and trains in
Sarnia arrived on the same flight as Derek Drouin.



"It's nice I don't have to much time to enjoy this, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it".  Drouin said
Derek will be leaving for school in Indiana on August 20th.  Derek's home town of Corunna will be honouring their hometown hero
 with a parade on Wednesday August 15th  at 6:30 p.m. The parade - featuring Drouin, his family, and coach Joel Skinner
will run between Lyndock Street and Beckwith Street and end at Antonio's Pizza where an autograph session will be held at 7 p.m..



Coach Joel Skinner
Sarnia Athletics Southwest Track and Field Club
Coach Dave Brubaker
Bluewater Gymnastics Club


Coach Joel Skinner was on hand to welcome Derek home.  "It's amazing what Derek has done, I'm so proud of him"  said Skinner "he has brought attention to the sport and I encourage any young athlete who is interested in Athletics to contact me"



One last look at Olympic Performances
Derek Drouin  

Dominique Pegg


For information on Sarnia Athletics Southwest Track and Field Club or Bluewater Gymnastics Club click on their logos below.







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