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Sarnia Ultimate Finishes the Season Strong
August 21, 2012 by Kyler Brouwer

The final week of regular season Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee action had some great match-ups and rivalries leading into the final tournament this weekend.

The hottest team in the league – Suspects – put their nine game winning streak on the line against Hungate's Mom. It was a great back and forth first half, and Hungate's was able to grab slight edge at 8-6.

From there, the Suspects got spanked. Their lacked of subs caught up to them, as Hungate's ran up the board unanswered in the second half, with a 15-6 final score.

Pants Party secured top spot in division 'A' with a surprisingly easy victory over Red Army. After Red Army opened the scoring, Pants went on to claim the next seven points.

Claire Routley of Pants played a big role in shutting down the opponent, playing in the high-running cup position on defence all night. Coming off a season-long injury, Ashley Clubb put in a great offensive effort for Red Army, but it wasn’t enough to catch Pants.

Pants Party took the game 15-6.

In division 'B' play, Floppy Discs won their second straight with a great team effort against the Wolfpack. The Floppies kept their composure after going down 5-1 early, responding with seven straight points to close out half. The wind advantage did not play much of a role in the game, as they Wolfpack responded with a streak of its own to level the score at 10-10.

Floppy's athleticism and some steady handling from Danielle Robb got them the last push, as they won 15-11.

The Bulldogs came out slow against 'Nuff Said and trailed 8-5 at half time.

From there, the match was full of speed and energy, as both teams exchanged points, but the Bulldogs started to gain the slight advantage near the end and took over.

"In the second half, we had hell fire burning in our loins that made us run faster," said Bulldogs captain Dave Geddes.

Katie Randall took her game to the next level for the Bulldogs, making a lot of catches and some great defensive plays, while Brandon Carroll had a number of second-chance catches for Nuff, not letting anything hit the ground.

If there was any controversy left over from their last game with 'Nuff Said, this one was a clear-cut 15-13 win for the Bulldogs.

The Banana Hammocks got their second straight win against Sea Bass and the Gang. Bananas captain Jeff McRae credited Chris Weyers from his own team with great effort in the match.

“He always gives 700 per cent,” he said.”

The handlers for Bananas controlled the pace of the game from start to finish in the 15-4 win.

Sarnia Ultimate’s league finals take place this Saturday (Aug. 25) at Norm Perry Park, starting at 9 a.m. 







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