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Sarnia Legionnaires are Teaming up with the Sarnia Police Ride Program
Thursday December 6, 2012 

Carson Wilson, Theo Bet, Josh Kestner, Chief Phil Nelson, Thomas Moxley, Sean Parker, Chris Moxley

This is the fourth year the Sarnia Legionnaires are teaming up with the Sarnia Police December ride program.  

"The Legionnaires are providing game passes that we hand out during the ride program" said Sarnia Police spokesman Carson Wilson "The tickets are given to all the people we stop who are not drinking and driving."

The Sarnia Police will be handing out 1000 tickets and they expect the tickets will be gone in a weeks time.

"People are very appreciative and I think they like the idea that they have the chance to go see the Legionnaires play and see some good hockey and the fact that its not all negative enforcement at the ride programs." said Wilson

The ride program expect to stop a lot of cars and they have three scheduled for next week when they will start to hand out the Legionnaires tickets.  You can follow the Sarnia Police on  facebook or twitter for the locations that they will be setting up the ride program.







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