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Twas the Last Game Before Christmas
by Lambton Minor Peewee AAA

Monday December 24, 2012

Twas last game before Christmas when all through the rink
Not a player was stirring not even to drink

The skates were all tied by their fingers with ease
in hope that this last game they'd win like a breeze

The coaches were nestled feeling safe and quite kind
While visions of scoring danced in their mind

When the music it started there arose such a natter
The boys all came out from their room with a clatter

The moms got up cheering they each did exclaim
As they whistled and shouted and called them by name

Now Lucutus, Now Liam, Now Jaxon, Now Ryan
On Matthew, On Spencer, On Brandon, On Kyle

Now Hunter, Now Nolan, Now Joshua, Now Cory
On Dylan, On Carson, On Steel, And on Ryleigh

To the top of the ice, To the top of the wall
Now dash-away, Dash-away, Dash-away all

So off to the ice yhe Minor Pewees they flew
With their hearts full of passion and dreams to come true

And then in a twinkling the game it began
The prancing and pawing as each player ran

Then Dylan fought hard clearing the puck
And Jaxon was checking trying his luck

Spencer and Steel have a try of their own
but the other boys take it back out of their zone

Brandon stops players taking shots on our net
but the puck pings the goal post 1-0 score is set

Matt skates the puck down with Carson and Cory
and Ryan tries hard but they end without glory

With 2 boys off sick and one on suspension
the Sting face the second with great apprehension

The game carries on with a sting power play
and then Kyle scores making his day

The third comes around with the boys trying hard
but we're thinking a win isn't marked on our card

Ryleigh sprang to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle
and shot the puck in like the down of a thistle

So the game didn't go quite as well as we planned
Though Luc caught a great tip In his glove hand

The team tried their best but it wasn't to be
We'll take the win next time You just wait and see!

And I heard the boys say as they drove out of sight
Merry Christmas to all And to all a goodnight!







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