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Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee week nine highlights

July 11, 2012 

There are no more winless teams after week nine of Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee.

The Huckstables headed into their game against the Banana Hammocks with an eight game losing streak, but they managed to pull off a convincing win at the Lansdowne fields. Despite some great cutting from Hammock’s Jordan Cote, the Huckstables managed to come together as a team and walk away with a staggering 15-2 win.

Also at Lansdowne, Hungate’s Mom played a well-organized offence against the Bulldogs, winning 15-8. Dan Hackett helped lead the handlers in a “huck and chase” type offence, effectively using the skill sets of his teammates to score their points. Chrissy McNamara was an asset for the Bulldogs, playing with 100 per cent effort all game and making some hard plays.

League leading Pants Party kept their perfect season alive against Sea Bass and the Gang, winning 15-8. Pants Party used their women well, as ladies scored 12 of the 15 points. Emily Smith got two hand blocks and was able to get a jump disc over one of the more athletic guys in the league, putting together a great all-around game.

At St. Christopher’s fields, Suspects had a chattery first half against ‘Nuff Said. The tense game was highlighted with an amazing point catch by ‘Nuff’s Brandon Carrol, while the Suspects punctuated play with incredible sliding catches. Amanda Musclow of the Suspects played a great game and helped her team walk away with a 15-11 victory.

The Wolfpack scored their third straight win against the Floppy Discs in a high-energy physical affair. The Wolfpack seemingly walked through the Floppy’s defence in the first half, building an 8-2 lead. But something special must’ve been said at half, as the Floppies came out with guns a-blazin’, pushing the Wolves’ offence back and making it a great match. Heather Young was an offensive player for the Wolves, as she scored points and chided players on both sides for aggressive play. Daniel Slade stood out in a great team effort for the Floppies, keeping his team going at top speed.










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