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Go Dom! Living the Dream!

July 17, 2012 


Dominique Pegg and Coach Dave Brubaker are now in London as they get ready for the 2012 Olympics. 


At a recent BBQ fundraiser at Blackburn radio we caught up with Dominique, her coaches Liz and Dave Brubaker and Dominique family members.

"Iím super excited, itís a dream come true" said Dominique.  "I donít know really what to expect itís nothing that I ever experienced before, Iím ready to take it all in have a lot of fun and stay focus."  

Dominique is looking forward to meeting all the other athletes who are sharing the same dream in going there. "I'm looking forward to meeting all the other athletes because we are all sharing the same dream in going there so it would be really nice to share that with them."

On Sunday after a final training session at the Bluewater Gymnastic Club, Dominique and her Club Coach and Olympic Coach Dave Brubaker traveled to Toronto Airport to begin their journey for the Olympics.

Brubaker described their what they were to expect upon arrival in England.

"When we arrive we will be escorted to village in high security parade to the Canadian Olympic Village and will start what they call ďstaging events. Staging is when they bring all the sports together as one big unit not by individual.  We then we will be outfitted with our clothing then we will get our official accreditation. We will become accustom to the training facility at Rod Laver Tennis Arena. Then we will go to Basildon (visit website) where we will continue to trained for the Olympics."

All of the gymnastic personal coaches will meet up at Basildon including Liz Brubaker.  Liz will attend the Olympics as a spectator once the training is complete.  "As a coach itís something we have ambitions and a coaches dream. But as we became older the less concern we have for ourselves but for our athletes to help make their dream come true. The leadership of the gym comes from the chemical valley. We have always had good people on the board who are really rational in directing the club. They put the kind of policies in what they have in business that have really form the gym in a good way. When we have good support and leadership its easy to do your job and to achieve those goals."

"This is our lifestyle" said Liz Brubaker. "Our family has been very supportive of us."  Liz and Dave have two children Jacob (14) and Nathan (21).  Jacob will be going to the Olympics as well.

Going to the Olympics is an experience of a lifetime that many people dream about, but this dream has come true for the Pegg family. Cassiah, Nicolas and mom Cathy will all be traveling to London to watch and support their sister and daughter.

As the Canadian Olympics and Canadian Government provides funding for the athletes, the families are on their own to pay for the trip.

Local fundraising events have been held in Sarnia to help support the families.

"The families put in so much time to help make the dream come true itís nice to support them to help them" said Brubaker


The T-shirt campaign will continue. To purchase a T-shirt click here for more information. Or if anyone would like to make a donation cheques can be made payable to the Bluewater Gymnastic Club and dropped off at the club.

There is a lot supporters in the community including the Sarnia Firefighters.

The Sarnia Professionals Firefighters Community Benefit Fund support our community in providing funds and or man power when needed. They raised funds for community projects and individuals like Dominique. 

They made a special presentation to Dominique at the Fundraiser BBQ last Friday.


Watch for updates for more highlights during the Olympics.  We'll be following Dominique and her family as they live their dream!







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