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Olympic Mom, Cathi Parker
A look behind the scenes of an Olympic Journey

July 25, 2012 

Dominique Pegg is now in London to compete in the Olympics.  Dominique's journey began at the young age of 18 months when she wanted to copy her brother Nickolas who was a member of the Blenheim Gymnastics’ Club.  During her time at Blenheim Dominique turned to her coach and said
“Someday I want to go to the Olympics”. 


Easier said than done.


Dominique may have talent, but behind the scenes is a very dedicated Mom who has supported her daughter from start to where she is today. 

"Being a single mom, it hasn’t been easy" said Cathi Parker "When a coach said that if you ever want to get serious with this because I think your daughter has talent, I suggest that you look into Sarnia’s Bluewater Gymnastics Club to work with National Coaches Elizabeth and Dave Brubaker."

"She told me that we have to do it before she's 10 years old because they start at the National level at 9 & 10.  We had a lot of decisions to make as it is a real sacrifice to your life."


After the third visits to the Bluewater Gym the Brubakers liked what they saw and asked Cathi how soon could she move.


Cathi who was living in Blenheim at the time had a family meeting with Brother Nick, Sister Cassiah and Dominique and told them of the invitation and asked them to think about it for a week and they would discuss it a week later.  A week later the feelings were unanimous and they all agreed that Dominique should be in Sarnia.

Cathi didn’t want to disappoint Dominique and gently told her that if they moved it didn’t mean that she was going to be on a National team or on Team Canada, Dom’s response to that was “Someone has to make the team so why can’t I try”.  After hearing that Cathi felt positive about the move as Dominique showed the passion and determination to work hard.

They left everything behind and made the move in the first week of January in 2004.  Dominique's sister Cassiah stayed back with her Grandmother to finish her school year then join them once school was finished.  Cathi, Dominique and her Brother Nick packed up and off to Sarnia they went.  First they dropped Dominique at 7:00 am off at the Club on January 5th and then Cathi was off to find a place to live, a school for Brother Nick, then eventually she went job searching herself.  That was back in 2004 and here they are in 2012 all on their way to the Olympics.


"Having an athlete of this calibre in the family is hard but I have had a lot of support during this time."  Cathi credits her Mother Mickey Parker for helping support the family throughout the years.  “She looked after them after school, picked up Dom to take her to gymnastic practice and so much much more, she has been with us all the way and without her support I couldn’t have done it” said Cathi.  Cathi also credits the support of Elizabeth and Dave Brubaker "they are like family".


Cathi and her family leave for London, England July 25.  Watch for Cathi's thoughts and feelings throughout the coming days with reports from England from a Mom's point of view.






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