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Sarnia Braves Major Mosquito went to the Semi Finals in Corunna Tournament
July 30, 2012

The Sarnia Major Mosquito Braves participated in the Corunna Mosquito Tournament over the weekend.
In game one Sarnia lost to Wyoming #1 by a score of 12-3. Hayden Griffin, Colby Ramsdale and Nik Kootstra pitched for Sarnia. Runs were scored by Greg Ross and Zach Moore with two.
In game two the Braves fell to Essex by a score of 8-2. Zach Moore, Nik Kootstra and Riley Bore pitched for Sarnia. Adam Riggi and Dylan Honsberger scored the runs for Sarnia.
Game three saw Sarnia defeat the Wyoming #2 team by a score of 16-2. Ryan Eyre, Cameron Ware and Liam McCarthy pitched for Sarnia. Runs were scored by Colby Ramsdale with 3, Greg Ross with 1, Zach Moore with 1, Dylan Honsberger with 1, Riley Bore with 1, Hayden Griffin with 1, Ryan Eyre with 2, Liam McCarthy with 2, Adam Riggi with 2, Zander Campbell with 1 and Nik Kootstra with 1.
Game four was a very close game to advance to the Semi-Finals on Sunday. The Braves lost to Orangeville by a score of 11-8. Greg Ross, Hayden Griffin and Riley Bore all pitched for Sarnia. Runs were scored by Cam Ware, Caleb Bourgeois, Nik Kootstra, Hayden Griffin, Riley Bore, Ryan Eyre and Adam Riggi.






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