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Sarnia Ultimate week 8 action
July 4, 2012 

SARNIA - Floppy Discs came from behind to penetrate Hungate’s Mom defence in week eight of Sarnia Ultimate action.

Hungate’s Mom, one of the consistent big hitters in the league, simply ran out of gas on this hot and humid Thursday, lacking the numbers that the Floppy Discs brought out. The second place Hungate’s Mom was able to run the score up to 14-10 (game point) but was unable to close it out. The energetic Floppy Discs pulled off the upset on universe point, winning 17-16.

Also at Lansdowne Field, the other two heavy hitters of the league had an easier time. League-leading Pants Party put the slip on the Banana Hammocks, controlling their game start to finish ending at 15-3. Emily Smith’s defensive blocks, combined with some high quality handling, helped her team to the win. The Banana Hammocks played better than the score might suggest, but they did not have the finishing touch around the end zone. They used the game as an opportunity to try some inventive defensive strategies – the rest of the league has been put on notice.

Red Army got off to a hot start against ‘Nuff Said and never looked back, winning 15-6. ‘Nuff Said found some consolation in winning the all hammer (upside-down throw) point.

Over at St. Christopher’s, there were two close matches. The Bulldogs were able to outlast Sea Bass & the Gang 15-13 in a hard fought game full of turnovers. Despite the heat, Conner Gould was able to keep his energy going, helping the Sea Bass, and James MacDougall made up for a number of bad drops throughout the game by making an amazing layout catch for the win for the Bulldogs.

The Wolfpack won its second game of the season at the expense of winless Huckstables. The week after taking the top team of the league to the brink, the Huckstables suffered another two-point heartbreaking loss at 15-13. Emily King played a great game for the winning side, catching everything thrown her way (and a few that weren’t thrown her way). Lindsay Reynen was able to break the Wolfpack zone at will, aiding the Huckstables’ offense greatly.







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