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Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee week 6 highlights

June 22, 2012 

Just one undefeated team and one winless team remain after week six of Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee action.


Coming off a demoralising loss in week five, the winless Wolfpack hunted down the disc with precision in a fast-paced match against the Banana Hammocks.  Great give and goes from cousins Evan Walsh and Stephen Roegiest aided the offence to a 15-8 win.  Sean Pollard orchestrated the Banana’s offence and played great on defence, earning honorary Wolf award. 


The other remaining winless team, the Huckstables, did not have as much luck against ‘Nuff Said.  Patient handling from ‘Nuff’s own Sedin twins ­– Michael and Nick Abrametz – quarterbacked their team to a 15-10 victory.  The Huckstables had a great second half as always, with Vanessa Gillis catching several points, but it simply wasn’t enough.


Sea Bass and the Gang faced off against a strong Suspects team.  Stacey Jubenville made some great plays for the Suspects, as they worked their way to a 15-10.  Steady handling from Brandon “Seattle” McGinnis – who spent his last night in Canada playing ultimate – helped the Sea Bass make it a game in the second half.


Red Army had a strong showing against expansion team the Floppy Discs.  A well-organized offence efficiently put up points against the Floppy’s defensive zone.  Carl Bruckman, the loveable local limey, helped the Red Army with efficient defensive plays.  The final score was 15-4.


Pants Party faced their second straight challenge from an undefeated team, and once again came out victorious.  Starting out strong, they grabbed a quick 3-0 lead on Hungate’s Mom.  Hungate’s quickly reciprocated with three points of their own, setting up a close competitive matchup.  Some key defensive plays from Pants’ Melissa Gough helped give her team the edge, in the 15-12 victory. 


This keeps Pants Party on top of the standings alone as the only undefeated team.