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Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee Week Seven Play
June 26, 2012 

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in Sarnia’s Ultimate Frisbee league. In week seven play at Lansdowne, two tight match-ups made their way into extra points.

When the Huckstables – the only winless team in the league – matched up against Pants Party – the only undefeated team – it was like David versus Goliath.

But it was the best of times – the members of Huckstables were playing their best game of the season. Paul McMurtie was playing an outstanding, high-energy game for the underdogs, even catching a disc off his own foot, and he helped get his team to a shocking 12-7 lead.

And then, for the Huckstables, the worst of times. Pants Party’s Adrienne Sutherland was able to aid her team back into the battle, playing to 15-15. Pants Party’s experience was able to close out the match, with a 17-15 extra point win.

Next door at Lansdowne was another close match between ‘Nuff Said and Floppy Discs. ‘Nuff Said controlled the game for the most part, with help from Mikayla Hanlon catching quite a few discs on their way to a 14-10 lead. After an attempt by ‘Nuff’s ladies to close out the match, Floppy Discs’ high energy defence started paying off. Shane Kerrigan played great in Floppy Discs come back 17-15 win.

Meanwhile, over at the St. Christopher’s fields, there were two blowout games. Dave Groendyk was proficient in handling for Hungate’s Mom, as they rolled over Sea Bass and the Gang, 15-6. Sea Bass just couldn’t execute near the end zone, and as a result, gave up a lot of transition points.


The Banana Hammocks didn’t fair much better. Despite putting together some great plays, the Bananas lacked finishing against the Red Army. Tyler Shaw, with his reported “injury,” used the strategy of continuous 360s to dizzy his opponents, spinning to a 15-6 win. Chris Weyers had a great game in the defeat, with good d-blocks, and layouts.


With a lack of players, the Bulldogs were forced to forfeit to the Suspects.