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Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee League kicked off the 2012 season

May 23, 2012


The Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee League's kicked off the 2012 season with 11 teams entered, an all time high in its 11 year history.


First off was a rematch of last year's championship match, Suspects vs. Red Army.  Both teams played well but the Red Army's tough zone defence was the difference maker.  Red Army wins 15 to 7 with a standout performance from Michael Raiger.


In the battle of the Canines, the Bulldogs and the Wolfpack  played a fairly even first half, with only 2 points between them.  The Bulldogs played hard to start the second half running the score to 14-8 with help from a great sliding end zone catch from Bryce Huston.  However things unraveled for the dogs, the Wolfpack scored 6 straight bringing them within one.  But a great transition play by Tyler Coleman finally secured the Bulldogs win at 15-13.


The first game for the new team “Floppy Discs” was against the Banana Hammocks.  The Floppy Discs had to endure some rookie mistakes and learnings, but overall the game was enjoyable for both sides.  Bananas win 15-8.


At Canatara Park, Pants Party outclassed new team “Nuff Said”, as they walked to a 15-1 victory.  Zach Barnes stepped up for the losing side, and was a great asset despite the lack of points.  Joe Chan was a standout on the winning side with many great defensive plays.


At Blackwell Park Hungate's Mom took the Huckstables to school on their first day, with a 15-8 Hungate's win.


Week 2 – May 10, 2012

Week 2 of Sarnia Ultimate frisbee saw Pants Party continue their play as a potential championship team, as they rode the strong play of their women to a 15-6 win over the Bulldogs.  The experienced players of Pants Party made the difference against the run and gun style of the dogs.  Adrianne Sutherland was player of the game for the winning side, while Chrissie McNamara had a great game for the dogs.  Pants Party now sits on top of the standings, with two wins and an impressive +23 point differential.


The Wolfpack lost their second strait 15-13 game, this week to Nuff Said.  Jason Kimball (aka Dr. I) did great as he stepped up to a leadership role for the Wolfpack when they needed it. 


Red Army and Hungate's Mom both move to 2-0 with wins over the Huckstables and Suspects respectively.  Also, the Floppy Discs got their first win over Sea Bass and The Gang in their season debut, final score 15-13.