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Lambton Peewee AAA Went 1 - 1 Over the Weekend
November 26, 2012 


The first of the Peewees' weekend games was an away game vs Kitchener Rangers.

The first period began with some strong play from the Rangers and shots straight on the Sting net, that was turned away by goalie Luc Thorne-Smith.

The Lambton boys reply with some great defensive team work from Ryan Barwitzki and Brandon Neelin clearing the puck from the Sting end. The Rangers managed to attack the Lambton net again and score a rebound goal.


Lots of good passing by the Sting brought pressure around the Kitchener net and yet more pressure around the Lambton net until Ryleigh Vanderwal scored a great unassisted goal to bring the score to 1-1. The Rangers put the pressure on the Sting net yet again but are unsuccessful and the first period ends with the score at 1-1.

The second period started with the Sting boys taking control of the puck and taking a shot, the Rangers reply with several more shots on the Lambton net but the Sting stay strong and took the puck for another shot - the Kitchener goalie gloves the puck but drops it and Steel Harris got the rebound and scored putting Lambton in the lead 2-1. The Sting kept up the strong plays and Dylan Riddell assisted by Nolan DeGurse shot in Lambtons 3rd of the game. Kitchener try several more times to score but were turned away by Thorne-Smith. Hunter Monkhouse and Cory Smith tried a brilliant play but are unsuccessful and Kitchener manage to score their 2nd of the game. The boys go into the final period in the lead 3-2.

The Rangers took another penalty and Lambton put on the pressure. Despite losing the puck and Kitchener taking a shot at the Sting net the boys didn't lose their composure and regained control resulting in Dylan Riddell scoring his second goal of the game unassisted on the power play. The Rangers then got their second power play but are unable to score until a few seconds after when they got their 3rd of the game bringing the score to 4-3. More pressure on the Sting net is met by solid saves and great team play by Lambton taking the puck away, and Dylan Riddell scores his hat-trick assisted by Nolan DeGurse and Spencer Vandenboom putting the Sting up by a score of 5-3. Lambton continue piling on the pressure and Cory Smith assisted by Ryleigh Vanderwal and Hunter Monkhouse score the Sting's 6th and final goal. Despite the Lambton net taking a total of 39 shots the Sting boys took a great team win 6-3.

The next day Lambton travel to Essex to face the Sun County Panthers.

The game began with an immediate attack on the Sting net, three shots saved by goalie Thorne-Smith and the Lambton boys grabbed the puck and return the assault on the Panthers. Play continued hard but Sun County scored the first goal. The penalties came thick and fast on both sides but the Sting played well. Carson Perry took the puck to the Panther end and scores a brilliant goal assisted by Steele Harris to tie the game up. Lambton took two more penalties and Sun County scored on their power play.

The Jr Sting enter the second period 2-1 down and with more penalties on both sides they played 3 on 3. The Sting boys keep up the pressure on the Panther net and the game became more physical. Hunter Monkhouse did a great job of grabbing the puck and assisting Ryleigh Vanderwal who scored Lambtons' second of the game. Sun County constantly attack the Sting net and got their third of the game closely followed by another power play goal taking a 4-2  lead. A lucky post shot gave them another and Lambton went into the third 5-2 down.

The last period brought more penalties then Ryan Barwitzki assisted by Spencer Vandenboom score on the power play bringing the score to 5-3. More attacks on the Lambton net gave the Panthers their last goal and the win with a final score of 6 - 3.

A very physical game, 51 shots on Thorne-Smith.

The boys face the Windsor Spitfires away on Friday evening.







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