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Minor Peewee MD Headed to Ann Arbor for Flatwater A/AA Hockey Tournament

October 9, 2012 

The Sting Minor PeeWee MD team went to Ann Arbor for a Friday Start. At first glance, the opposition team was no where to be seen, stuck in traffic, they only had a few players in the dressing room, and no coaches in sight.

Turns out... that was all part of their plan.

Once the puck dropped, the Birmingham team was all over the Sting. Looking like the True AA team they were, the sting did a great job, and held them to 1-0 after the first. The flood gates opened in the third period, and Birmingham skated off with a big 7-0 victory.

The coaches had some great words of encouragement, and the Sting would be ready the next morning to take on the Chicago team.

Player of the games - Coaches - Cole Goossens
Parents - Aidan Clark

The next morning, the Sting took the ice against the Chicago Wolf Pack. This game went back and forth, until the Jr Sting hit the back of the net to take a 1-0 lead. That lead would stick, until the Third, when the pack woke up and tied the game. Seconds later, Tyler Talbot Ellis would put the game away, and a 2-1 victory.

The Second game of the day, saw the Sting once again playing a AA caliber team from Chicago. The game was played at Historic Yost Arena. Hopefully the kind words from Martin Sheen, earlier in the day at the hotel would give the Sting the luck he put upon them.

Unfortunately the team got into a hole, and after 2 periods were down 4-0. The Jr. Sting bounced back with a beautiful passing play from Spencer Baillie to Cole Goossens, who hit the back of the net. The game would get a bit interesting when Cole Goossens grabbed his second of the game, however the Chicago team would walk back, and make it 5-2 to finish the day.

Player of the games - Coaches - Cole Goossens
Parents - Damon Skin Wai

The tourney would finish up, with the sting playing the consolation final against the Columbus Capitals. This was a final that was very fair, and went end to end.

The Sting would sit behind after a flurry of penalties, but a great pass from Hayen Griffin to Cole Goossens would give the sting a goal to get the momentum moving.

After a frantic breakaway, and scramble in the Columbus end, the Jr. Sting wasn't able to tie it up, and the Columbus team went down the ice, to take a 3-1 lead.

The final minutes would see the Sting bring it close, on a goal by Tyler Talbot-Ellis, assisted from Spencer Baillie, and Cole Goossens.

Final Score - 3-2

Players of the game - Coaches - Kaleb Zeytinglou
Parents - Andrew Czyczurko

The Jr. Sting had a great time, and the coaches felt they learned a huge amount, playing in a tournament for A-AA teams. The calibre of play from some of the teams would rival the best we have seen.








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