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Tomlinson Wins Sarnia Men's Industrial Indoor Soccer League Championship Title
 friday april 12, 2013

Sarnia Menís Industrial Indoor Soccer League Champions

Monday April 8th

Huron Blueprinting 9 Esso 6

With the Regular Season Trophy likely in hand with a win, Huron Blueprinting went into the night tied with Tomlinson in points, the tie breaker was goal differential Huron Blueprinting had a goal differential of + 30, while Tomlinson had a goal differential of +10 meaning Tomlinson would have to win by 20 goals plus the margin if Huron Blue printing.

The game between Huron Blueprinting and Esso in the first half was a close battle with Esso Leading 4-3 at the Half. However in the 2nd half Esso was unable to contain Mackenzie Longpre who finished the night with 6 goals leading Huron Blueprinting to a 9 Ė 6 Victory over Esso. Other Scorers for Huron Blueprinting was Furat Suttar, Jeremy Clever & Alvaro Corredor with each a goal apiece. Esso was led by Dan Walton with 2 goals, while A.J. Black, Devon Castello, Abdul Zaro & Ben Taylor each getting singles.

Tomlinson 29 Nel-Tekk Specialties 1

Tomlinson knowing they needed to win by 23 goals to tie and 24 goals to win, Tomlinson had nothing to lose as they played loose. Nel-tekk who were missing there of their top players in Sean Robinson, Paul Burke and Elliot Wylie SR. The game started fast and furious for Tomlinson as they pressured every ball and jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the opening four minutes, However Colin McCracken got Nel-tekk with in one goal with a nice finish of a rebound. Then Tomlinson pour it on. At Halftime the score was 11-1 giving the Tomlinson players the thought maybe they could pull this one off. In the 2nd half more of the same came from Tomlinson as they did not let up, Nel-tekk unfortunately had a few more injuries and were down 5 players with 10 minutes left, meaning they had no subs, with 5 minutes left Tomlinson Score their 25 goals. When the final buzzer went the Tomlinson Complete the improbable task winning the game 29-1. Giving Tomlinson there First Regular Season Trophy since 1997. Tomlinson was led by Brian Cook with 9 goals, While Cole Davidson, Adriano Sflalcin & Andre Fluegel with 5 goals apiece, Andrew Wiezczorek with 3 Goals, Gord Van Barneveld & Jon Kutz with a goal apiece. Colin McCracken with the lone goal for Nel-tekk.

Playoffs Start Monday April 15th

7:30 #1 Seed Tomlinson vs. #4 Seed Nel-tekk at Lambton College Gym

8:30 #2 Seed Huron Blueprinting vs. #3 Seed Esso at Lambton College Gym







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