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Want to Billet a Legionnaire? 
wednesday August 21, 2013

Pam and Jeff Percival are looking for help.  The loyal Legionnaires couple have taken the task of acquiring billets for Legionnaires.

"We are looking for hockey fans who can provide a safe home" Jeff Percival said.  "They just need a room to themselves for sleeping and to do their school work.  Billets are not expected to cook players meals, just have it available for them. But it is nice if they get one meal that they can sit down with the family.  The players also can do their own laundry, but it would be up to the billet if they want to offer to do these things for them.  Billets also don't have to worry about driving them to and from the arena, the players and team will look after that as well as their equipment and hockey laundry that all stays at the arena and is cared for by the team staff".

Billets receive financial assistance each week to help cover the cost of extra food and services as well each family receives 2 adult and children passes and a discount card that they can use at the souvenir booth. 

If you are interested please contact Pam or Jeff Percival to learn more at (519) 491-7740

Email : legionnaires.off.ice.team@gmail.com






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