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Independence Day Disappointment for Pants Party in Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee League

saturday july 6, 2013

                submitted photo

Evan Walsh  (Wolfpack) throws upfield while being marked by Nathan Colquhoun (Floppy Discs)


On Thursday July 4th it was the final day of round one of the regular season for Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee, with spots in the top six ‘A’ pool still up for grabs for the next round of play.


Pants Party – a team comprised of many Americans – had a less than perfect fourth of July this week, as their team was upset by Why So Serious. Pants Party were missing many of their regulars, using a local transient taken in by Adrianne Sutherland as a substitute just to field a team. Kris Warshefski played a solid handling game with great throws, but unfortunately, no one on his team could catch them. Conversely, WSS’s Jaime Gould played the perfect receiving game – Warshefski says “it was like there was glue on her hands”. WSS used the entire field on offence, got timely blocks on defence, and came out with the convincing 15-7 victory. This win was their second win of the season, but was not enough to propel them into the ‘A’ pool for the next round of games.


Nuff Said, also got their second win of the season – and, because they previously beat Why So Serious head-to-head – clinched the last spot in the ‘A’ pool. Nuff Said secured the spot with a 15-11 win over Deep Throw It, where DTI had trouble containing Abrametzł (Abrametzł=Michael × Becky × Nick). Nuff Said displayed patient offence with very few unforced errors. For DTI, Scott Hall had an outstanding one handed sliding end zone grab, where he ended up jamming the entire right side of his body. But it didn’t matter, because he looked good doing it.


The Wolfpack got their first win since week two at the expense of the Floppy Discs. Wolfpack’s Emily King played solid handling game, throwing confidently around the Floppy’s zone. Stephen Roegiest also played great in a receiving role, using his height to his advantage. The Floppy discs, having had a slow start, were able to pick up more points in the second half with their fast moving offence, using everyone on the field. Final score was 15-5.


Both Suspects and Red Army remain unbeaten after wins against the Bulldogs and Hungate’s Mom respectively. Ashley Clubb played well for Red Army with great catches in the endzone. The Bulldogs had two players making their ultimate Frisbee debuts, Ryan Jean and Jess Milne, both playing strong games and looking as though they belong. Ryan scored three of his team’s six in the 15-6 loss.


After all the fireworks were over, the ‘A’ division for the next round was set, and it consists of; Suspects, Red Army, Hungate’s Mom, Pants Party, Wolfpack, and Nuff Said. The remaining will compete in the ‘B’ division; Why So Serious, Floppy Discs, Bulldogs, and Deep Throw It.


The top two teams at the end of the regular season will earn themselves a bye into the semi-finals. So far, it looks as though it will take something special to stop the Suspects and Red Army from taking those two spots.




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