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Sarnia Beavers Senior B Lacrosse Season is Over

sunday july 14, 2013


The Sarnia Beavers season came to an end Saturday night after being defeated 9 - 3 against the Brooklin Merchants in game two of the best of three playoff series in Ontario Senior B Lacrosse.


"It's was one of those things that happens, we got out classed last night (Friday) and it wasn't a bad game today." Coach Gord Neely said "We had enough chances to beat them we just couldn't put the ball in the net. They isolated Jimmy (Purves) a lot he had a tough time, if he could have broke the bubble a couple of times maybe things would have been different."



Brooklin took a 3 - 0 lead after the first, added four in the second that included two power play goals and a shorthanded goal, then three more in the third that included two empty net goals.


Sarnia's goals came in the second period with Chris Davey, Kyle Childerhose and Kevin Fines scoring.



Grant Crawley took the loss in net.


"Six goals in two games." Neely said. "All year we held everybody to 10 goals or less. We only been blown out twice, last night (16 - 3) and a game against Six Nations so when you only give up 10 goals we should be winning games.  You can't do it by scoring 3 or 4, 5 goals a game you can't do it."



With minutes left in the game things became physical and a couple of fights broke out.

"It got physical, we got frustrated and we didn't get a lot of calls that went our way and last night (Friday) was even worse.  We were playing against seven people all the time."


After the fighting broke out the referee's let the clock run out to finish the game.


"You don't want anyone else getting hurt, and we are not going to score 6 or 7 goals in three minutes.  They need players for the next round we don't want them to be depleted either. It's too bad they are going to lose a couple guys but we kind of like to see them go on because they basically are in our division."



The Beavers ended their regular season in sixth spot with a record of 6 - 10.  


The team will be looking for some people over the winter for the next season.  Neely will return to the team but unsure as to what capacity. 

"If we could someone younger, someone who is going to retire from playing, we would like them to take over the coaching position, but I'll remain in some form. It's in our blood we don't want it to die. "







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