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The Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee League has Hit the Reset Button

monday july 15, 2013

Tyler Shaw of Red Army attempts the catch en route to a 15-7 victory over Pants Party
submitted photo

With teams now separated into ‘A’ and ‘B’ divisions, the standings have been set to zero, and teams are competing for playoff seeding.  As a special bonus this year, the top two teams in the ‘A’ division will get automatic byes into the semi-finals round, while the other eight teams need to play two extra playoff games to vie for the remaining two spots.

After pulling off a gutsy win last week just to get into the ‘A’ divisions, Nuff Said took down third seed Hungate’s Mom.  In this back-and-forth game, Hungate’s Lindsay Langstaff caught everything thrown her way.  For Nuff Said, Emma DeMelo played great on defence and Zach Barnes handled the disc with style.  After closing down Hungate’s early lead and being close or tied for most of the match, Nuff Said outlasted their opponents, winning 15-12.

The Wolfpack upset previously undefeated Suspects 15-7.  For the Suspects, Kevin Brown played a steady handling game but was missing key players Brian J and Brian T, and as a result the Suspects could not get their offence going at full speed.  The Wolfpack women played tough as they had no substitutes throughout the two hour marathon match, and Mike DeJourdan was surprisingly effective with multiple catches in the end-zone.

Pants Party pulled off a scoreboard upset in a loss to Red Army.  Previously this year, Red Army had not allowed more than six points against, and Pants Party was the first team to get seven points on them – a moral victory of sorts.  Well… maybe not.  With the 15-7 win, Red Army now stands alone as the last undefeated team in the league.  In the win, they had good consistent plays from Alain Brosseau, and also had some good fortune as Bam McGill caught a point that deflected off a defender’s leg.

Over a Blackwell, in the closest match of the week between the Bulldogs and Deep Throw It, the wind was tough to deal with.  Chrissy McNamara of the Bulldogs played an outstanding game catching eight of her team’s points.  D.T.I. kept it close with Brian Houf playing handler for the first time, but came up just short 15-13.

Why So Serious won their match against the Floppy Discs, using patient offence, and good transitions from defence.  WSS’s 15-11 win has them sitting atop the ‘B’ division.





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