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Nuff Said Turning Heads in Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee

wednesday july 24, 2013

After grabbing the last spot in the ‘A’ division on a standings tiebreaker, Nuff Said has won their first two matches of divisional play. After upsetting Hungate’s Mom last week, they took down Pants Party in another close match. Pants Party started strong and grabbed the early lead 7-3, but an end-zone hammer catch from Laura Taylor kicked off a 4-0 run to get Nuff Said right back in the game. The game remained close all the way to a 13-13 score, when Pants Party handler Jeff Rathburn released an up-field pass to Melissa Gough. As soon as it left his hand, an echoing “Nooooo” could be heard, and as if it were in slow motion, Nuff's Michael Abrametz stormed in with an emphatic D-block before the disc could reach its destination. TSN turning point - that’s what that was. Nuff Said picked up the last two points to complete the 15-13 win.

What would you do for a Groendyk bar? That was the question on Hungate’s Mom’s mind, as they were missing key handler Dave Groendyk taking on the Wolfpack at Blackwell Park. Hungate’s was navigating the wind well, using long down-wind passes to keep the Wolfpack in their own zone. Hungate’s got up two wind breaking points in the first half, but the wind died down in the second half, allowing the Wolfpack to claw back into the match. The two teams battled to a 13-13 tie, where a semi-blocked disc found its way to Heather Young in the end-zone, and was followed by a Hungate’s drop near their own zone. All this led to the 15-13 Wolfpack win.

Red Army or perhaps, “Red hot” Army won – again. By a large margin – again. Now sitting with an 8-0 overall record, they have still not allowed more than seven points against this season. Their victims this week were the Suspects, who have uncharacteristically lost their last two games, and for those same two weeks, have also been missing their captain Brian Jubenville. This game, originally touted as the finals preview, was a big letdown for the league. Red Army won 15-6.

In ‘B’ division play, Why So Serious and Deep Throw It played a “back and forth” first half. The dump and swing offense was working well for Why So Serious, and when they were down 9-11, they took the last six points of the game for the win. On the winning point, DJ Gould reached for the heavens with his hands through the clouds, and sources report he may have gotten up to an inch of vertical on his jumping catch. WSS’s team motto of “keep cool and huck on” seemed to do them good, while DTI’s motto of “don’t peak too early” didn’t work at all.

The last match between the Floppy Discs and the Bulldogs was a no go, as the Bulldogs couldn’t field a team, and forfeited the match.  This decision keeps the Floppy Discs at the top of the ‘B’ division.





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