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Floppy Discs Stand Tall in Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee

sunday july 28,  2013

Michael Raiger of Red Army making the catch
submitted photo

After mustering only a 1-4 record in the first round of the regular season, the Floppy Discs have rebooted their fortunes with their third straight win in Sarnia Ultimate.  

It seems as though Deep Throw It violated their team rule of “don’t peak too early” again, as they had a great back and forth first half with the Floppy Discs, although the Floppies held a narrow 8-7 lead.  It was then that the Floppies took over the game.  Using their athleticism on offence, and putting up a firewall on defence, they left their opponents with no esc – winning 15-10.  Rookie Nick Sorg played a great game for the winning side, and is developing into a great handler for his team. 

The recent turn around for the Floppies can be attributed to the strong play from their women:They have been troopers.  The last few weeks there has only been a few of them but they kept us in every game, making some of the key plays that would throw the other teams off. They are the foundation of our team,” said Floppy Disc Captain Nathan Colquhoun.  The Floppies remain on top of the ‘B’ division, and with only two weeks left are in good position to win it.

Nuff Said had a three game winning streak of their own heading into their match against the Suspects.  Well, the Suspects played the role of bubble-bursters this week as they brought their “A-Team” to the field.  At the start of the game, the Suspects were caught sleeping and quickly went down 0-4, forcing them to regroup and make a plan.  They then went on an 8-1 run to close out half-time; don’t you love it when a plan comes together?  The Suspects continued to tear apart the Nuff defence in the second half with quick and concise attacks.  Nuff tried to counter with a dump-swing game, but it was enough against these soldiers of fortune.  Suspects (of a crime they didn’t commit) won 15-8.

Pants Party was going through a bit of slump, losing five of their last six matches.  At the start of last week’s match with Hungate’s Mom, it looked like more of the same.   Hungate’s super-sub April Russel flew out of the gates scoring her team’s first five points, and Adam Wettges was also tearing it up on offence, leading Hungate’s to a strong 8-4 half time lead.  But then in the second half, Wettges injured out, which left his team with no subs.  Pants Party chipped away at the lead in the second half, as hammer-happy Adrianne Sutherland somehow got the atypical upside down throw to work as a general strategy.  Hungate’s Mom ran out of gas by the time the teams were tied at 15-15, and in a surprise move, retired.  The game goes down as a Pants Party victory, and it was perhaps just the break this team needed to get back on track.

Red Army kept their perfect season alive this week with a 15-5 win over the Wolfpack, giving them a three game point differential of +27.

In other news, the Bulldogs forfeited for the second straight week, giving Why So Serious a walk over win. 




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