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Another Rainy Day in Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee Action

wednesday july 3, 2013

Once again, there was another rain day in Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee Action.  


Week eight had three cancelled games due to lightning, but two games were able to go ahead despite the weather.  Pants Party played their sixth game of the season against Deep Throw it.  After Pants Party grabbed a 4-1 lead off the start, they were able to hold the lead for the rest of the game.  But DTI kept it close for much of the match by confusing their opponents on defence, where they playing man-on-man or zone or perhaps a bit of both at the same time.  DTI got to within one point (8-7) at half time on the back of some great plays by Marc Lucas.  Final score 15-12.   


The Suspects also got to play their sixth game of the year, with an easy 15-4 win against Why So Serious.  


Some teams in the league have only played four games in eight weeks, as some badly times rain storms have abated the energy of this year’s regular season.  This week will mark the end of round one, where every team was to have played each other once.  In the second round of the regular season, the top six teams will play each other in Division A, and the bottom four teams will do the same in Division B. 


The top two teams at the end of the regular season will earn themselves a bye into the semi-finals.  So far, it looks as though it will take something special to stop the Suspects and Red Army from taking those two spots. 





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