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Paintball - Changing the Way People Look at It

monday june 17, 2013

The Neutral Zone is Sarnia's newest Paintball park located 1596 London Line behind Sharky's.

"We are trying to rearrange the way people look at paintball." said park manager Quinton Engerer who has been playing the sport since he was 10 years old. "It's fun and it's safe."

Before any new player is allowed on the field they must go through a thorough safety training session where they learn about the equipment and safety rules.

"Our safety rules are very strict and If they don't follow the rules I don't want them." Engerer emphasized

The apparatus that is use to shoot the paintballs is called a marker.  The paintball original use was to mark cows and trees from a distance. Back in the 60's a couple of guys had a fun dispute and the game of paintball was born. 

Another name that is associated with paintball is speed ball.  Speed ball fields are smaller and the markers used are quicker.

At The Neutral Zone it is an established field located on 4 1/2 acres of property with urban, wooded, open and maze areas.

The Neutral Zone offers summer program every Tuesday night for members ages 10 - 15 starting in July from noon to 4:00pm with a final day on Saturday August 31.  During the junior summer program no one over the age will be on the field when playing except for staff and referees.  Cost for the Tuesday program is $200.00.  A bonus night has been added for Thursday for those wishing to play two nights a week for an additional charge of $150.00.

The Sarnia Invasion League is an open league that consist of a five man team and a team can join at any time and for those that don't want to join a league there are open times available from noon - dusk every Saturday. 

"It's a friendly sport,  if you are short a player we will supply a player for you or we will add a more experience player to your team to help out the inexperience teams."  Engerer said "The other team will even advise their opponent where they made mistakes.  I don't know of any other sport that will do that."

Teams may purchase as much paint balls as they want.  Everyone uses the same type of paint ball.  The number of paintballs will depend on how the team plays.  A more tactical team will use less, some will just aim and shoot.

The Neutral Zone is also available for groups such as business team building events, birthday parties, sports teams etc.

Engerer advises players to wear old, loose baggy fitting clothing when playing.  This will cushion the paintballs. Engerer strongly advises players not to wear shorts and t shirts. Good shoes like running or soccer cleats is advisable. (no steal cleats)  soccer pads, hockey pads etc. can also be worn.

Your admission fee will include Marker, Mask, Air, Insurance and 200 paintballs.

"It's a fantastic game, It's a fantastic sport and it's available all year round"

For more information for times/leagues fees etc contact Quinton Engerer at The Neutral Zone  by calling 519-464-3335 or email info@tnzpaintball.ca   visit webpage.




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