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New Sting Coach Trevor Letowski Has A Plan

saturday june 15, 2013

"We were really impressed with Trevor" said Rob Ciccarelli co-owner of the team after the announcement of Letowski hiring as new Head Coach for the Sarnia Sting. 

"He came prepared and brought his seven point plan to us that really, really impressed us."

Letowski believes that there are seven principles that are keys to success that has to be instilled in the organization not just with the coaching staff but with the players and the people surrounding the team.

"As I was playing I was always a student of the game always took notes." Letowski said "I have a couple of binders at home with scribbles here and there I kind of put everything together when this opportunity came up to see what my values are really are and yeah I think it's a combination of all the things that I've been through and what I've learned in 13 years pro and the 3 years that I been coaching."


Seven key points to his plan are:

1 - Competition
"Always competing. Players will be push to compete everyday and not just on the ice but in the gym and in the classroom and compete and get better and that goes to the coaches to we are not going to sit and expect the players to get better I expect the coaching staff to challenge themselves well and compete to get better as well."

2 - Winning
"Expect to win no matter how young team or old team the expectations by the fans, media, in the dressing room, in our (coaches) room there will always be the expectation to win, it's got to be a must win every night.  Part of my job is to find an edge or theme for that particular game to find why it's a must win, why we need two points today. So there will never be any excuses of not being a great team."

3 - Preparation
"Every year preparation to attention to detail and making sure that everything is taken care of.  Don't overlook anything, there are so many small decisions that go on with coaching hockey.  Even their lives away from the game I think that a lot of thought has to go into those decisions.

4 - Communication
"Communications is huge I think that there should be an open book that there should be no secrets with everyone and everyone should feel free to voice their opinions and constructively disagree and as a group come to an agreement.  I think that as soon as there is bickering and talking behind peoples back in any way it's going to have a negative impact on the whole organization so to be able to communicate effectively is so important."

5 - Respect
"Class and Professionalism to portray. It's so important I going to treat every player the same way with respect and our players are going to be expected to do that as well. I know in my role they are going to treat me with respect but they have to treat everyone with respect whether it's our strength coach, our trainer, front office, media and how they treat those people is a direct link to their character they are going to say the right things to me but I'm going to investigate I want to know how they are treating people other than me."

6 - Practice
"Practice is so important I'll not overlook that, it's the key to development obviously the game is a huge thing, but the practice time, how many pucks they are able to shoot, how often they have the puck on their stick. There's going to be a lot of thought that goes into practice time I think it's the key to making players better."

7 - Value Character
"I think the character should be in the forefront of the organization of the selection process of when we bring players in.  If there are any character flaws, if they are bad kids that may not buy in to what we are trying to do around here then we will just have to overlook them and find the right player.  I'm not naive were not going to have 23 angles in there that's not what I'm looking for but there is going to be a huge importance put on the character part."

"Building of relationships is such a life lesson whether it's a hockey team or a business or whatever, building that trust and respect amongst each other goes a long way and when things get tough adversity brings out a lot in people and you need a tight team, you are going to meet adversity you need your team to be tight to get over that."




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