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Sarnia FC Hosting Professional Soccer Camp

thursday june 20, 2013

Sarnia FC and Pro Calcio Canada FC are teaming up to host the first ever Sarnia FC Professional Soccer Camp 2013 featuring AS Roma Professional Youth Academy Coach Mirko Manfre, former Pro player Marco Arcese and former Canadian National Women's Coach Betty Bavagnoli.

The Camp is scheduled to take place from Monday July 15 to Friday July 19th on the new turf at Norm Perry Park "Alex Field".

AS Roma is a professional soccer team that plays in the premier league in Italy. Pro Calcio Canada FC have affiliates to the European market and they have a huge affiliation with AS Roma


"They are bringing in former professional players and Mirko Manfre who oversees all the youth academies for AS Roma in Rome." said Sarnia FC Camp Co-ordinator Dean Troiani


These individuals are coming to Canada and will be holding three camps throughout Ontario that include the Toronto and Niagara Falls region and the third in Sarnia.


"Girls are invited to attend as well as It is a great opportunity for girls with the former Women's National Coach and her assistance you will have two high prolific coaches in Canada present. There are other camps but you don't have the qualifications that you have here. "


Pro Calcio Canada FCs main objective is to raise the level of youth soccer in the areas of coaching, skills, tactical training and performance in Canada.


"Another one of their objectives is to search for talent."  Troiani explained "Last year they invited players back to Italy to train at the youth Academy at their professional training grounds. They generally look at age talent at U11 to U16 to go back to Italy. They would go through a two week assessment in Italy and if they like them they offer them a contract like a pro entry contract."

At the camp in Sarnia the players will be broken up into different age groups.  Local coaches from the area will be invited to attend to provide feedback on the players and help make the final decision on who they want to select. 


"It is a good coaching opportunity for coaches to learn to see how the European train so that they can modify and bring it back to your own practices." Troiani said.


The camp offers half or full day opportunities. They will train three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. 

"This is more modified and more refine, they (players) are there to learn." Troiani said  "They are going to teach them how they train in Italy.

It's intense training, they want the kids to have fun, but they are there to train. It's pretty serious."


Troiani involvement with the Pro Calcio Camp came after discussions with trainer Mirko Manfre.  Troiani has been planning a Italy tour and will be taking a local 2002 team to Italy this summer.  Part of their travels include trainig at the AS Roma Professional Youth Academy in Rome and exhibition games.

for more information on how to enrol to Sarnia FC camp visit www.sarniafc.ca or http://www.procalciocanadafc.com

or contact Dean Troiani - dtroiani@cogeco.ca





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