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Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee Week Five Highlights

tuesday june 25, 2013


Five was the lucky number for two teams in Sarnia Ultimate last week. In the fifth week of Frisbee action, the two remaining winless teams came out ahead of their opponents for long-awaited victories.

At Canatara, Deep Throw It finally clicked to beat Floppy Discs to half with a score of 8-2. “It was the first game where we really came together as a team,” said DTI Assistant Captain Scott Hall. With some solid handling, cutting and catching from their women, the Floppies came back hard in the second half and really drew out the points. But for the second-year team, it just wasn’t enough, and DTI held on for a 15-6 win. As for standouts on his own team, Hall was reluctant to name any – “it was just a solid team effort,” he said.
Over at Blackwell Park, the Bulldogs also pulled off their first win of the season after a marathon game with Nuff Said. Rallying from a tough loss in their last game, the Bulldogs managed to overcome the weather to score four or five strong points into the wind. Bryce Houston was a standout for the team – “He was really aggressive and he caught everything,” said Nuff Said Captain Becky Abrametz, who got her first big d-block of the season. But with Andrea Dirks’ solid handling and Alex Harper’s deep defence, Nuff Said held their own. The team repeatedly switched up their defensive strategy to help them make a few strong comebacks. After two-and-a-half hours, the Bulldogs came away with a 15-13 win.
Two teams looking for their third wins of the season faced off at Lansdowne. Wolfpack, armed with two new women, looked to take a bite out of Hungate’s Mom and claim the league’s fourth spot. In her first-ever game, the Wolves’ Allie Rogers handled the disc for a few points. Chelsea Vella, also in her first game, completed a pass to Evan Walsh, who out-jumped three defenders to make the end zone catch. But the strong play from rookie women wasn’t enough for the Wolfpack – they were down 8-6 at half, thanks to consistent handling from Hungate’s that ripped through the Wolves’ experimental defence. Hungates’ Adam Wettges had solid hands as he made a number of catches he had no business making. And without substitutes, Hungate’s tireless women managed to make all the right catches in the middle to help bring their team the 15-12 victory.
At the other Lansdowne field, Why So Serious suffered their most serious loss so far this season, 15-5, to the undefeated Red Army, but they looked good doing it. WSS got their jerseys this week, so they were “too busy admiring ourselves,” said English import Carl Bruckman. The not-so-serious team struggled with drops, but still managed to click for some great passing combinations. “They were moving it really well,” said Red Army Assistant Tyler Shaw. “They did better than their score.” WSS Captain Connor Gould said the most memorable moment of the game was when Jake Zelina, a rookie on his team, jumped over Shaw, who is also the organisation’s co-president, to make a catch. Red Army took the convincing 15-5 win.
Rounding out the play this week was a face-off between teams sitting near the top of the league’s leaderboard. The undefeated Suspects took on Pants Party at Germain in a frustrating back-and-forth match – “There were a lot of turnovers both ways,” said Suspects Assistant Captain Kevin Brown. Tepa Wettergreen helped direct the Suspects’ game, getting them an 8-3 lead at half. With Pants Party Assistant Captain Jeff Rathburn sidelined with an injury, handlers Connor Lukas and Corey Scott stepped up and moved the disc well to their team. The Party’s Joe Chan made some “amazing flying Superman blocks,” said teammate Jeff McRae, but it wasn’t enough to boost the Party to victory. Suspects walked away with a 15-10 win.






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