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Local Pharmacist Rides for MS

thursday june 27, 2013

Richard Kelch Riding for MS

Northgate Pharmacy owner Richard Kelch took to the sidewalk yesterday in his quest to raise funds for MS.  On a very hot day in June he rode a stationary bike for five hours to draw awareness and to raise funds for the MS Society. 


Kelch will be participating in the MS Bike Ride Grand Bend to London and back to Grand Bend Tour on July 27 - 28 and all funds collected will be donated to MS. 


"It's a 150 Kilometre ride which is probably a five hour ride for me, so I thought I would do a five hour ride here in front of my store and see if I can collect donations from people as they go by to support MS." said Kelch as he was riding his bike


His goal was to raise $1,000.00 in the five hours and he surpassed that amount by raising a total of $1,369.00.


In three hours Kelch almost raised his goal.  "It's gone better than I hoped." said Kelch said "I quadrupled the money I raised last year so I'm pleased, really pleased."


This year will be his second Bike Tour for MS. 


"Over 20 plus years of being in the pharmacy, you often don't think what explicitly what everybody's condition is when they come in.  Were often looking at whatever drug related question they have but sometime we stop and think what is the underlining cause of all that and when you start to look at that you think, holy cow there are a lot of people with some degree of MS or family member who has someone with MS"


Drug therapy will slow the progression and help with cognitive and mobility function and physical ability.  "There's been strides but it's not there. not yet but hopefully in our lifetime there will be a more substantial cure."


"No one person can do it all, It doesn't matter how much you give, every penny counts, you never know that one dollar you give could be the dollar that goes over the top and somebody someday says hey I think I found something here."


If you wish to donate to the MS Bike Ride Tour, Click here to make a donation online.  Or stop in at the Northgate Pharmacy located in the east side of the Northgate Plaza in Sarnia.








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