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Is Sarnia Really a Dedicated Hockey Town?
 Thursday march 28, 2013

by Pat Brethauer


For the final Sarnia Sting game of the season it was a disappointment to look out into the bowl of the RBC Centre to see only 2,332 reported fans in the stands.

Our community is often described as a "hockey town" but attendance at recent games you could almost say it's a "ghost town". 

There was more noise and excitement at a recent Lambton Jr Sting AAA game I attended and they too lost their final series.  But the crowds came and showed their support.  The oohhs and ahhhs and noise that at some times was deafening was what made the game exciting.  And most importantly it was fun.


I felt sad when sometimes the most noise you hear at an OHL game in Sarnia are from the fans from the opposing team, unless you are sitting close to the ever faithful group of noise makers that sit behind the opposition bench each game.


What ever happened to that distinct voice that use to shout out GO STING GO?  It was always a crowd pleaser and got the fans cheering.  Too bad someone else didn't take up that chant.


Ask any young player, noise and cheering does affect the play on the ice, hopefully next year fans will stand up and make some noise and cheer on their team, win or lose.

Also before I close, did you note the Jr Sting in the name of the AAA team?  Yes the Sarnia Sting are dedicated to our community by supporting our youth and our community in so many ways. You just don't hear about it too often, they are pretty closed mouth on all they do.


In closing, helmet's off to those dedicated fans that do show their support year after year. May your seat you filled last year be filled again next year.


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