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Sarnia Ultimate Opens 13th Season

tuesday may 14, 2013

Sarnia Ultimate recently kicked off its 13th season with strong matches between all 10 teams.

Last year’s championship team, Red Army, got off to a strong start in their season opener against the Floppy Discs.  Red Army has six rookies on the roster this season, and those rookies were able to make an immediate impact.  Brendan Hewton had some strong throws and great defensive plays, while Erika Hoeksma kept her opponents on their toes with strong cuts all game.  The shorthanded Floppy Discs moved the disc well but were unable to capitalize near the end zone.  Red Army won the game 15-6.

Meanwhile, last year’s runner up team, Hungate’s Mom, used their age and experience to overcome newbie team Why So Serious.  Hungate’s grabbed an 8-2 lead by half time, but WSS fought back in the second half with Brittany Core eating up the outside lanes and getting open everywhere.  Hungate’s was able to hold on for a 15-9 victory with help from veteran player Michelle Keith.  Team alternate captain Dan Hackett was overheard saying, “Michelle was a beast.”

The Suspects, led by the coordinating efforts of captain Brian Jubenville, beat the Bulldogs 15-8.  A strong defensive zone by the Suspects helped to keep the quick Bulldogs at bay.  The Bulldog women had no substitutes all game, yet rookie Laura Cresswell put together a strong defensive game.  However, the Bulldogs’ man-on-man defence struggled to get organized on quick turnovers, leading to many of the Suspects’ points.

New team Deep Throw It got off to a slow start against the Wolfpack, dropping the first four points in quick succession.   Handler Marc Lucas said, “We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off.”  His rally speech at half time brought his team together, who put in a respectable second half.  Wolfpack speedster Benoit Laroche was turning heads all game with his strong cuts and catches, helping Wolfpack hold on for the 15-7 victory.

Pants Party and Nuff Said opened the season against each other for the second straight season, with last year’s result going for Pants Party by a whopping 15-1.  This year was little more balanced – Pants Party came away with a 15-5 win. Pants Party’s Jeff Rathburn threw for seven goals, Joe Chan made a fantastic layout hammer grab for a score, and all of their rookies got into the end zone.  Even though it was not reflective in the score, Nuff Said did have a much stronger showing this year – their dump-swing, anchored by Becky Abrametz, Michael Abrametz and Scott Hanlon, was strong enough to routinely broke Pants Party's cup.





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