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Sarnia FC U10 Red Battle the Elements and Win

saturday may 25, 2013

In Lambton Kent District soccer league action, the Sarnia FC U 10 Red Machine headed down to Wallaceburg on Thursday night to face two opponents: The Wallaceburg team and the weather. The temperature dipped to -1 degrees and the boys warmed up to a blend of rain, freezing rain and snow. The boys would not be discouraged and took to the field ready to play. The opening 10 minutes were very difficult as the boys had to play against a formidable wind and a slippery field.

Despite playing with great heart and determination, and getting many shots on net which were carried wide or over the net by that wind, the boys would end the half down by 1. Huddled under blankets and shivering the boys cheered and supported one another confident that if they worked together and didn't give up in the second half they could win the game.

They entered the field for the second half with a new energy and determination that would carry them on to victory. Eric Larocque sent a brilliant corner into the box, which Matthew Gouveia launched just wide of the net on a great header.This near miss seemed to ignite the Red Machine. As the Wallaceburg team cleared the ball on their goal kick, defender Matteus Hartmann closed in on the ball with great speed and composure and delivered a brilliant strike which would slip past the goalie. After this, the team continued to fire on all cylinders. A short while later Matthew Gouveia would work to weave the ball up the field and thread it through to Ewan Morrisson who would once again beat the Wallaceburg goalie and put FC Red up 2-1. In the last few minutes of the game ,Jacob Beaudoin would show great skill and control as he moved the ball from his own end to center mid-fielder Matthew Gouveia who would lay it off to Outside Midfielder Alex Weir who would deke out one defender and deliver a brilliant strike and secure the 3-1 win for the Red Machine.

This team of boys truly played with effort, determination and heart this entire game. Superb defensive skill and speed were demonstrated by Wyatt Ladanchuk throughout the game. Matteus Hartmann, Branyn Cooper, Alex Weir, Jacob Beaudoin and Matthew Gouveia would also contribute excellent defensive play to keep the ball away from keeper, Jeremy MacMillan. Jeremy himself played a great game and made several key saves to help secure the team's win. Excellent hustle, ball movement and strong play were demonstrated by Jacob Drapotoy, Eric Larocque, Ewan Morrisson, Jordan Foster and Janzen Wark. The determination showed by all members of the offensive core kept the chances coming and ultimately brought the team to victory. The coaches were very proud of the boy's team work and determination.




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