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Ultimate Frisbee Week Two Highlights

saturday may 25, 2013

On an uncharacteristically cold evening in May, two teams got the cold shoulder in Sarnia Ultimate Frisbee League action.

Both the Floppy Discs and Deep Throw It lost 15-4 in their matches.  The Floppies lost to the Suspects, while DTI lost to last year’s champs Red Army. DTI was trying a new zone on defense which worked well, but their offensive drops near the end zone proved costly. For the Red Army, Ashley Clubb caught a career high six points and was the catalyst for their offence. 

New team Why So Serious got their first win of the season, beating the Bulldogs 15-9.  Brittany Core was once again tearing up the field with her cuts on offence.  Despite a close first half, WSS pulled away in the second half.




The remaining two games were anything but cold, with fiery extra point finishes.  Pants Party was without their main handler Jeff Rathburn in their back and forth match with Hungate’s Mom.  The score was close the whole way through the match, but with the help of some great plays by Connor Lukas, Pants Party edged out Hungate’s Mom 16-14.

After a slow start for the Wolfpack – going down 1-4 against Nuff Said – they were able to maintain control of the match all the way to a 13-8 lead.  Nuff Said went on a 6-0 run to earn a game point at 14-13.  But the momentum pendulum swung back just in time for the Wolfpack to take the next three points and the match with it.  Nuff Said rookie Darren Paul was a stand out his team, and Wolfpack’s Tara Norman caught everything thrown her way.




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