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Terrible Weather Plays Havoc For Ultimate Frisbee

Tuesday may 28, 2013

Week 3 of Ultimate Frisbee action in Sarnia was even colder than week 2, with gale force winds and rain thrown into the mix.

Only four teams were brave enough to bare the elements, Deep Throw It against the Suspects, and the Wolfpack against Pants Party.

The Suspects came out on top 11-5, while Pants Party also won their shortened match 6-4. The winds making throwing the disc extremely difficult, while the rain contributed to many drops.

The match between Red Army and Nuff Said was played on Sunday in better conditions, but still with a stiff cool breeze. Nuff Said couldn’t get their game together as Red Army won 15-4.

The other two matches were postponed by the teams involved. Hopefully next week the summer weather will be back.





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