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Inspiration Behind the Mask

wednesday november 27, 2013



If you ever attended a Mooretown Flags Jr. C Hockey game and stood behind Mooretown Goalie #33 you'll see a picture of a man on the back of the helmet.  That man you see pictured is Ernest Campbell, Great Grandfather of Brandon Johnson.


Once Johnson signed with the Mooretown Flags last summer he started to put his design ideas together.   He wanted to to honour his Great Grandfather, Canada and also a war memorial theme tying it together with the Mooretown colours.


"My great grandfather passed away when I was younger and he was a huge influence in my life." Johnson said "He passed away a day after he saw my first hockey game. It's kind of one of those things to have him with you."


"Even though my Great Father was not in the war." Johnson added "I had other family members that were and I want to honour them as well."


Johnson helmut designs was completed and painted by Andrew Manning of Air Trix Studies in London. www.airtrix.ca












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