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Sarnia Flags Football Association Kicked off Second Half

monday october 21, 2013,

The Sarnia Flag Football Association kicked off the second half of the season with 2 regular season games played at Lansdowne Park in Sarnia.  At 11:00 am, the Bluewater Power Titans met the ANWIS Heat for the second time this season.  Like their last meeting, this game also was all Titans as the Heat fell again to the Green Power with a final score of 58 to 27.  Scoring for the Titans were led by Teppa Wettergreen with 3 TD’s followed by Bryan Weaver, Joe Parr, Chris Hart and Joel Clark.  Scoring for the Heat was Jawon Burns, Adam MacKinnon and Jimmy Purvis.

Game 2 at 1:00 pm featured the Power Champs versus the Phoenix.  The Phoenix, still looking for their first win…will have to keep looking as the Power Champs defeated them by a score of 34 to 06.  Scoring for the Power Champs were Andy Weedimire, Steve Palin and Shayne Matheiu.

Next week, October 27th games will see the Power Champs take on the ANWIS Heat at 11:00 while the Phoenix will challenge the Jack Doyle’s Hitmen at 1:00.  All games in the SFFA are played at Lansdowne Park in Sarnia.









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