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Lambton Kent District School Board Hosted LKESAA Cross Country Meet

Thursday October 24, 2013,

Lambton Kent District school board hosted the annual 2013 LKESAA Cross Country Meet at Canatara Park on Thursday with a total of 649 students competing.


Following is the top three teams and individuals for each category:


Girls 9

Aberarder took first place with a score of 71.  Team members include Jasmine Montgomery, Kaitlyn Warren, Avery McRae, Rachel Scott and Isabell Simic.


In second place Harwich-Raleigh scored 91.  Team members include Anna Kistulenic, Rylee Stanford, Faith Stewart, Katelyn Debrouwer and Ariel LaPrise.


King George took third place with a score of 129.  Members included Morgan Hughes, Amy Schmidt, Charlize Wildschut, Jordan Wawryluck and Audrey Stewart.


Top 3 Individuals:


1 Mackenzie Baldwin (Rosedale) 6:18.0

2 Gabrielle Jones (Bridgeview) 6:25.6

3 Ashlynn Spence (Gregory Drive) 6:31.0


Girls 10

Errol Road took top spot with a score of 101.  Members included Sarah Kirk, Amanda Crowley, Maura Cook, Quayara McNeil and Cassandra Mara.


Second place went to Kinnwood with a score of 102.  Team members included Hemi Park, Abby Fuller, Emmaleigh Kingdon, Victoria McKinlay and Jessica Vanos.


Third spot was earned by Errol Village with a score of 106. Members on the team were, Bryar Michelin Connolly, Sara Duffield, Emma Duffield, Meredith Haney and Mariah Dennis.


Top 3 Individuals:


1 Shoniqua Bunce (Confederation Central) 5:45.5

2 Emma Pegg (Harwich-Raleigh) 5:45.7

3 Genevieve Sassville (McNaughton) 5:55.2


Girls 11

Aberarder earned first place with a score of 34.  Team members included Sydney Sollen, Mavis Wilson, Madie Wright, Hannah Montgomery and Sarah Wilson.


Bright's Grove took second with a score of 93.  Members included Madi Gould, Olivia Thibodeau, Greta Regensteif and Sierra Turcotted.


Third place finish went to Hillcrest with a score of 120.  Emma Bulgin, Makenna Hardy, Mya Egan, Avrie Edgar and Cynthia Boudreau made up the team from Hillcrest.


Top 3 Individuals:


1 Sydney Sollen (Aberarder) 8:28.5

2 Madi gould (Bright's Grove) 8:29.2

3 Brenna Oliphant (Harwich-Raleigh) 8:38.3


Girls 12

Kinnwood finished first with a score of 95.  Team members included Sage Clay, Alayna Lucas, Emily Vanos and Melissa Linker.


Lakeroad took second with a score of 108.  Team members included Kasha Minaker, Anna Morrison, Karly Nead, Anni Wu.


Brigden score of 123 earned the school third spot.  Team members from Brigden included Maddison MacDonald, Abby Irwin, Eve Petit and Riley Blair.


Top 3 Individuals:

1 Kaitlyn Isaac (A.A. Wright) 8:18.6

2 JJ Kidd (Hanna Memorial) 8:20.2

3 Megan McCarter (H.W. Burgess) 8:20.8


Girls 13

First place went to Wheatley with a score of 42.  Team members included Keirra Jackson, Bailey Brown, Maddie Lavoie, Morgan Brown and Connie Weibe.


King George (S) took second place with a score of 87.  Team members on King George were Caroline Forbes, Sarah Johnston, Alex Martindale, Artemis Jeffrey, Tegan Callister and Lauren Dolby.


Aberarder earned third spot with a total of 149.  Team members include Abbie Barnes, Caley Dougan, Jassy Martin, Cassie Humphries and Maggie Steven.


Top 3 Individuals:


1. Delainey Johnson (Gregory Drive) 10:36.0

2 Keirra Jackson (Wheatley) 11:03.5

3 Caroline Forbes (King George (S) ) 11:05.9



Boys 9

In the Boys 9 division Bridgeview took first place with a score of 118.  Team members included: Dylan O'Rae, Riley Compagnion, Conor Jones, Brendan Barill and Owen Caley.

Number two spot went to Brights Grove with 122 points.  Team members included Tanner Winegard, Liam Campbell, Lucas Gaspari, Evan Freer and Turner Jenkins.


St. John Moore place third with 125 points with Konnor Adams, Lachlan Stewart, Kelby Derrick, Graham Armstrong and Brayden Dodds making up the team.


Top 3 Individuals:

1 Tanner Winegard (Brights Grove) 5:47.9

2 Ty Rannie (Grand Bend) 5:56.5

3 Dylan Krasinkiewicz (Rosedale) 5:58.5



Boys 10

In the Division Grand Bend took first place with a score of 85.  Team Members include, Ryan Gilfillan, Dailey Trainor, Keegan DeCaluwe, Eddit Powers and Luke Clemens.


Second place team went o Lambton Centennial with a score of 126.  Members included, Carson Peer, Hunter Carron, Peyton Wright, Logan Kuchta and Andrew Hart.


Third place went to Sir John Moore with a score of 136.  Members on Sir John Moore were Ryan Steeves, Drew Benoit, Lucas Rodey and Liam Ellis.


Top 3 Individuals:

1 Aidan James (Cathcart) 5:32.3

2 RJ Solomone (Errol Village) 5:39.3

3 Robert VanRooyen (Confederation Central) 5:42.0



Boys 11

Earning First Place in Boys 11 was  Brights Grove with a score of 71. Members included  Blake Freer, Jack Hutchinson, Noah Porter, Steven Putter and Christopher Reed.


Second Place went to Lambton Centennial with a score of 103.  Ethan Kerby, Matthew Hoven, Austin Kerrigan, Corson Langs and Kyle Bary were team members for Lambton Centennial.


Cathcart took third place with a score of 119.  Team members included Lian Cullinan, Jack Biggar, Kaiden Rawson and Adam Ikert.


Top 3 Individuals:


1 Carter Barron (Lakeroad) 7:50.4

2 Brennan Vanderkloet (Confederation Central) 7:55.1

3 Tyler Caron (Landsowne) 7:57.9


Boys 12

Aberarder took first place in Boys 12 division with a score of 111.  Members included, Brandon Neelin, Matthew McIntyre, Joel Somerville, Joe Barnes and Tyler Nauta.


Second place went to Wyoming with a score of 122.  Team members included Garrett Greydanus, Braeden Nickles, Collin Boyd, Ryles Vanderwal and Carson Feddema.


Finishing third was Naahi Ridge from Ridgetown with a score of 129.  Members included Malcolm Campbell, Collin Krekewich, Anderson Fenton and Daniel Boldt.



Top 3 Individuals:

1 Michael Pugsley (Confederation Central) 7:31.6

2 Dylan Riddell (Brights Grove) 7:32.7

3 Micah Van Eyk (Indian Creek) 7:57.3


Boys 13

Bright's Grove won the Boys 13 division with a score of 96.  Members included Naeman Burwell, Andrew Adams, Max Musico and Daniel Field.


Lambton Centennial took second with a score of 123.  Team members included Scott Morrow, Robb Moore, Duncan Core, Kyle Fowler and Jared Irwin.


Third place went to Confederation Centra with 150 points.  Matt McGill, Jake Williams, Bryson Crossett-Pomoransky and Cole Doig ran for Confederation.


Top 3 Individuals:


1 Joe Fraayenbrink (Brigden) 10:11.4

2 Nic Forbes (King George S) 10:20.9

3 Andrew Davies (Cathcart) 10:22.1
















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