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Sarnia Flag Football Association set to begin it's 9th Season
wednesday september 4, 2013

The Sarnia Flag Football Association (SFFA) is set to begin its 9th season with 3 exhibition games this Sunday, September 08 at Lansdowne Park in Sarnia.  At 11:00, the 2012 Regular Season and Bluewater Cup Champions, The Bluewater Power Titans will take on the new expansion team, Jack Doyle’s Hitmen on field 1 while the other 11:00 game will pit the ANWIS Heat against the Phoenix on field 2.  The sole game at 1:00 will see the Lambton Metal Service Rampage battle the Power Champs on field 1.


The SFFA is an adult flag football league that is the only one of its kind in Ontario.  The game is based on the 8 Man International Flag Football rules with the addition of some Canadian content.  And while the removal of a ball carrier’s flag signals the tackle or down, this league is unique in that there is limited and controlled blocking allowed at-and-behind the line of scrimmage defending the quarter-back or ball carrier.  The league has been in existence since 2005 and for the 2013 season again has 6 teams of 18 players each playing the game.  The SFFA season is true Canadian football in that the league starts in the early fall

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and runs rain, snow or shine until the Bluewater Cup Championship played on or about the first weekend in December.


The SFFA would remind all players that Sunday September 08 is the start of the season and all equipment rules will be in effect.  New players not yet placed on a team are asked to come to the exhibition games and make contact with any of the team representatives or contact the below for more information.


For more information on the Sarnia Flag Football Association, contact Joe de Laronde at (519) 205-0404








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