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Sarnia Girls Hockey Say Comments made regarding Possible Lawsuit Was Not Discussed by Association Executive
Thursday January 30, 2014

An article that was released on Wednesday by local media regarding Sarnia Girls Hockey being disgruntled and a possible gender lawsuit over the possible closure or repurposing of two area rinks is not the opinion of Sarnia Girls Hockey Executive.

"Sarnia Girls position is not what was put in the paper." said Brad Jackson official spokesperson for the Sarnia Girls Hockey Association. "That has never been discussed at the Sarnia Girls Executive meeting. Our plan is to co-operate in the process to come to a solution that will be best for our community."


The news article also quoted the unofficial spokesperson for Sarnia Girls saying that focus groups were already formed and that who was on the focus group was unknown. 


In truth, a focus group has not yet been formed.  Sarniasports.com has learned that a report is coming to City Council Monday as a follow up to the public meeting that was held on January 15th. Once council members reviews the report, Council will be asked to support the undertaking of focus groups with user groups of the arenas and to follow up on public consultations issues raised in submissions.

Groups who feel they have been excluded or overlooked in the formation of the focus groups has not yet been endorsed by City Council. Time and care will be taken by City Hall to see that all user groups have an appropriate voice in this discussion should Council endorse this direction.


"Sarnia Girls position on the arena closures from the beginning is that we wanted to have a decision made on comprehensive information and input from all the user groups involved." Jackson said  "I think the issue with the whole process is that it's fair.  "Comments of yesterday do not represent the position of Sarnia Girls Hockey Association Executive."

 Jackson also said that Sarnia Girls has had no issue as to how things have been done in the past as far as ice time and have had a good relationship with City Hall.







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