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Perry's 3 on 3 Hockey Bantam/Midget Standings Shuffle
thursday june 19, 2014

Co-Operators vs Sentry Fire
Heading into the final night for the Bantam/Midget division both teams had secured a spot in the finals but the final placement for Co-Operators was yet to be decided.  In their first game the first place Sentry Fire edged them out by 1 goal taking the win with a 8 - 7 final.  Brock Perry led Sentry Fire scoring 5 goals, AP player Dawson Cook picked up 2 and Naomi Richard scored 1.  For Co-Operators Nash Nienhuis and Mitchell Kootstra scored 3 apiece and Jonathan Sedge added a single.  Kaden Fulcher was the winning goal keeper.

Sentry Fire vs Stokes Inland
Stokes Inland needed a win or tie to remain in second place and they accomplished that with a 6 - 6 tie against Sentry Fire.  Maddy Lalond and Sydnee Baker each scored 2 goals in the win with singles by Jocelyn Eves and Beatrice Dufour.  Brock Perry picked up 3 goals for Sentry with AP players Dawson Cook added a single.  An unidentified player also scored 2.  Stokes Inland goalie Sydney Authier and Sentry Fire goalie Kaden Fulcher stopped their opponents from taking the win.

Stokes Inland vs Co-Operators
This game was of no consequence but the Co-Operators came out on top taking a 11 - 9 win over Stokes Inland.  AP players Dawson Cook and Brook Perry each scored 4 goals in the win and Nash Nienhuis scored 3.  Ange Taiariol scored 3 goals for Stokes Inland, Maddy Lalonde added 2 and scoring 1 each were Lauren Nicholson, Jocelyn Eves, Riley Vanderydt and Sydnee Baker.  Noah Melanson earned the win in net for Co-Operators.

Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn vs All Season Concrete
This was one of the most important games of the night as Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn at a 2 point lead over All Season Concrete heading into this game and needed a win to secure a spot in the playoffs.  However they were denied as All Season Concrete took the win with a final score of 13 - 8.  Scoring for All Season Concrete were Caleb Winder and Matthew Stevens each with 4 goals, TJ Harris scored 3 and Dawson Cook scored 2.  For Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn Joseph Iaccino scored 3 goals, Max Steeves scored 2 and singles by Taylor Clark, Leah Williams and Jayce Barnaby.  Justyn Archer earned the win in net for All Season Concrete.  After this game both teams were tied with 17 points each.

KV Sheet Metal vs Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn

Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn were on the line and needed a win for a chance to survive however they suffered their second loss of the night by a score of 14 - 4 against KV Sheet Metal.  Connor Coopman and AP player Brook Perry each scored 4 goals in the win, Blake Taylor scored 3 and Jordy Grondin, Mackenzie Caley and Hunter Monkhouse contributed with 1 each.  For Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn Max Steeves and Bradley Vansteenkiste each scored 2.  Ethan Hunt earned the win in net for KV Sheet Metal.

All Season Concrete vs KV Sheet Metal
It came down to the final as Fourth place was to be decided in this game.  Since Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn lost in the previous game All Season needed the win to move up in the standings.  They were successful after they took an 11 - 7 win over KV Sheet Metal.  TJ Harris led All Season in the win by scoring 4 goals.  Matthew Stevens added 3, Caleb Winder 2 and singles by Cody MacNeil and Samantha Eastman.  For KV Sheet Metal AP player Brock Perry scored 4 goals, Connor Coopman, Blake Taylor and Dawson Vautour each added 1.  Justyn Archer earned the win in net for All Seaston Concrete.

In the final round on Saturday June 21,  Sentry Fire (1) will take on All Season Concrete (4) at 2:00 pm then at 2:30 Stokes Inland (2) will go against Co-Operators (3).  The defeated teams will play in the consolation round at 3:00 and the Winners will compete at 3:30 for the Championship.

Standings by

Teams GP W L T PTS
Sentry Fire 22 15 4 3 33
Stokes Inland 22 12 9 1 25
Co-Operators 22 12 10 0 24
All Season Concrete 22 9 12 1 19
Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn 22 8 13 1 17
KV Sheet Metal 22 7 15 0 14




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