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Single Point Split Decided top Spot in Perry's 3 on 3 Peewee Division
friday june 19, 2014

All Season Concrete vs Co-Operators
The only close contest for the standings race was between Co-Operators and Sentry Fire who were both tied for first place with 30 points each.
In the first game of the night Co-Operators took the win over All Season Concrete with a final score of 10 - 5.  Jacob White was the top scorer in the win with 3 goals.  Eric Armitage, Greg Van Heyst and Collin Zimmer each scored 2 and Kaitlyn Isaac added 1.  All Season Concrete goal scores each scored 1 with Jessica Mundy, Owen Shearon, Blake Wallace, Kyle Flamminio and Dallas Henry scoring.  Teddy Harris earned the win in net for Co-Operators.

Co-Operators vs KV Sheet Metal
Co-Operators put the pressure on Sentry Fire after taking their second win this time 12 - 10 over KV Sheet Metal.  Jacob White again led Co-Operators with 4 goals in this game.  Greg Van Heyst, Kaitlyn Isaac scored 2 and Zackary Bressette and Ziibiwan Henry contributed with singles.  Ethan Pereira and Levi Plain scored 3 goals for KV Sheet Metal with Nick Steeves adding 2 and singles by Zachary Clark and Jacob Roe.  Teddy Harris earned his second win in net for Co-Operators.

Sentry Fire vs All Season Concrete
The pressure was on Sentry Fire as they needed two wins to share top spot.  In their first game of the night they defeated All Season Concrete 11 - 6.  Jacob Gould and Wil O'Leary DiLosa each scored 3 goals in the win with doubles by Quinn Schmidt and Logan Lake and Nathan Oliphant added 1.  For All Season Concrete Dallas Henry scored 2 goals and Jessica Mundy, Owen Shearon, Kyle Flamminio and Jimmy Bennett added 1 each.  Angela Steen earned the win in net for Sentry Fire.

KV Sheet Metal vs Sentry Fire
In this final game of the night Sentry Fire needed the win to force a tie for first, however they would have to settle for second place after tying KV Sheet Metal 6 - 6.  Jacob Gould and Wil O'Leary DiLosa each scored 2 goals for Sentry Fire and Jimmy Simpson and Logan Lake contributed by scoring 1 each.  Levi Plain led KV Sheet Metal with a 4 goal night and Nick Steeves and Jacob Roe scored 1 each.  Sharing in the tie in net were KV Sheet Metal's keeper Teddy Harris and Angela Steen for Sentry Fire.

The Finals for the Peewee Division will begin at noon on Saturday June 21 with the first game between Co-Operators and KV Sheet Metal.
At 12:30pm Sentry Fire and All Season Concrete will compete to see who goes to the final. The consolation game will go at 1:00pm and the Championship game at 1:30pm.

Standings by

Teams GP W L T PTS
Co-Operators 22 16 4 2 34
Sentry Fire 22 16 5 1 33
All Season Concrete 22 7 14 1 15
KV Sheet Metal 22 2 18 2 6




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