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Perry's 3 on 3 Hockey Atom Results
Wednesday May 21, 2014

Results from Tuesday May 20, 2014

KV Sheet Metal vs Stokes Inland

Stokes Inland took the first win of the night after defeating KV Sheet Metal 13 - 5.  Brady Krasinkiewicz and Owen Peters each scored 4 goals in the win.  Turner Jenkins added 2 and singles by Cameron Gould and Chase Nickels.  For KV Sheet Metal Carter Viglasky scored 2 and Tori Iacobelli, Fisher Beaubien and Michael Acker each scored 1.  John Cannon earned the win in net.


Stokes Inland vs Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn

It was a close contest between these two teams but Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn edged out Stokes Inland 11 - 10.  Ryder Neinhuis led Hazlitt Steeves with 4 goals.  Jett Morningstar scored 3, Anthony Bullock 2 and singles by Nicholas Axani and Maitrey Armutiya.  For Stokes Inland Owen Peters scored 3 goals, Brady Krasinkiweicz, Aiden Matuzic and Tyler Vansickle each scored 2 and Tyler Glavin added a single.  Mathew Broer earned the win in net for Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn.


All Season Concrete vs KV Sheet Metal
KV Sheet Metal went 1 - 1 for the night with a 13 - 6 win over All Season Concrete.  Ryder Neinhuis was picked up to help out KV Sheet Metal and help out he did with 4 goals.  Carter viglasky scored 3, Joseph McNeil and Fisher Beaubien each scored 2 and singles by Tori Iacobelli and Ethan Wark.  For All Season Concrete Janzen Wark scored 2 goals and singles by Mason Winegard-Milne, Cyrus Sinopole, Mitchell Brush and Tony Vario.  Netminder Josh Archer earned the win for KV Sheet Metal.


Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn vs Co-Operators
A strong Co-Operators team took a 16 - 9 win over Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn.  Jacob Zalesak led Co-Operators with 4 goals, Masen Flett, Mitchell Schechinger and Liam Frew each scored 3 and singles by Morgan Lahey and Lachlan Stewart. Also a single goal was scored by an unitentified player.  For Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn Ryder Neinhuis put in 4 goals, Jett Morningstar 3 and singles by Noah Taylor and Maitrey Armutiya.  Mitchell Clarke earned the win in net for Co-Operators.


Sentry Fire vs All Season Concrete
In another close duel All Season Concrete took a 8 - 6 win over Sentry Fire.  One player unidentified score 4 goals for All Season Concred.  Cyrus Sinopole scored 3 and Janzen Wark added 1.  For Sentry Fire Brendan Barrill started things off scoring the first goal, Matthew Moore, Cole Reinders, Cole Zinkie, T Winegard (AP) and Sully McDougall followed with singles.  Nick Bishop earned the win in net for All Season.


Co-Operators vs Sentry Fire
In the final game of the night Co-Operators defeated Sentry Fire 14 - 4.  Masen Flett  and Morgan Lahey each scored 4 goals in the win.  Jacob Zalesak added 3 and scoring singles were Aiden Healy, Mitchell Schechinger and Liam Frew.  For Sentry Fire AP players T. Winegard scored 2 goals and Kaleb Nelson added 1 along with Matthew Moore.  Netminder Mitchell Clarke earned his second win of the night for Co-Operators.



Teams GP W L T PTS
Co-Operators 14 10 1 3 23
Stokes Inland 14 8 4 2 18
All Season Concrete 14 7 5 2 16
Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn 14 6 8 0 12
KV Sheet Metal 14 5 9 0 10
Sentry Fire 14 2 11 1








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