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Western Counties Baseball U14AAA Finalist in Mississauga
Wednesday May 21, 2014


Western countries baseball association has created a U14 AAA Team comprised of players from Sarnia, Corunna and Chatham to try and contend for a AAA Ontario Baseball Championship.

This team was picked from any Lambton and Kent area child that was born in the year 2000 that wanted to tryout for this team. 

As the baseball season is upon us the Wolverines have started out very strong. They competed this past weekend in the Mississauga South AAA Tournament with a record of 4-1.  With wins over Mississauga Majors (11-3) Pickering/Ajax (11-0) East York (6-4)and Barrie (10-9). The wolverines made it to the finals with a 4-0 record to face a top ranked AAA North York Blues. The North York Blues pull out the win 7-1 to be crowned champions.

This was an outstanding showing for the new U14 AAA Western Counties Wolverines. Upcoming tournaments will include London Badgers Tournament and Mississauga North Tournament. The OBA championship will conclude Labour day Weekend in Burlington.


Jake Taylor                    Courtright, Ont                Corunna Minor Baseball Asso

Drew Pepper                  Brigden, Ont                   Corunna Minor Baseball Asso

Greg Hay                       Port Lambton, Ont           Corunna Minor Baseball Asso

Derrek Smith                  Wyoming, Ont                 Sarnia Minor Braves       

Xavier Jamison                Forest, Ont                     Sarnia Minor Braves

Kyle Blunt                      Warwick, Ont                  Sarnia Minor Braves

Connor Goldsmith           Chatham, Ont                 Chatham Minor Baseball Asso

Spencer Marcus             Chatham, Ont                  Chatham Minor Baseball Asso

Grant Spence                 Chatham, Ont                  Chatham Minor Baseball Asso

Evan Rogers                   Chatham, Ont                  Chatham Minor Baseball Asso

Jacob Breault                  Chatham, Ont                  Chatham Minor Baseball Asso

Ethan Lutz                      Chatham, Ont                  Chatham Minor Baseball Asso






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