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Perry's 3 on 3 Hockey Novice Division Week 8 Results
Tuesday May 27, 2014

KV Sheet Metal vs Co-Operators
The Novice dvision was back in action on Monday night at Germain arena and the Co-Operators took the first game with a 9 - 6 final over KV Sheet Metal.  Adam Maitland and Joey Hungler each scored 2 goals in the win with singles by Joshua Glavin, Trent Loxton, Logan O'Leary Dilosa, Colin Bracewell and Garrett Glover.  Scoring for KV Sheet Metal were Jevin Wark and Deegan Smith each with 2 and singles by Jaxon Belay and Aaron Snider.  Adam Kabat was the winning netminder in this game.

Co-Operators vs All Season Concrete
The Co-Operators continue to win with an 11 - 4 win over All Season Concrete.  Colin Bracewell led in the scoring for Co-Operators with 3 goals.  Adam Maitland and Garrett Glover each scored 2 and singles by Trent Loxton, Logan O'Leary Dilosa and Oliver Krawetz.  Steven Switzer and Casyn Foster scored twice for All Season Concrete.  Kabat picked up his second win of the night in net.

Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn vs KV Sheet Metal
KV Sheet Metal second game of the night saw them take a 7 - 4 win over Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn.  Jaxon Belay and Deegan Smith each scored 3 goals for KV Sheet Metal and Charlie Kerwin added a single to round out the score.  For Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn Evan Morningstar scored 2 goals and singles by Andersal Koziol and Jaxson Madere.  Caiden Smith earned the win for KV Sheet Metal in net.

All Season Concrete vs Stokes Inland
All Season also split a pair after losing their first game they won their second by a score of 10 - 3 over Sentry Fire.  Steven Switzer led All Season Concrete with 3 goals, Chris Buono, Kade St. Pierre and Casyn Foster each scored 2 and Gavin Fraser added 1.  For Stokes Drew Bunda, Trever Anderson and Joaquim Soares each scored 1 goal apiece.  Logan Hachey earned the win in net for All Season Concrete.

Sentry Fire vs Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn
Hazlitt Steeves came out on top with a 12 - 5 win over Sentry Fire.  Evan Morningstar scored 4 goals in the win with Lucas Gaspari adding 3.  Finton Allen, Parker Elliot and Jaxon Madere each added 1. One other goal was scored by an unidentified player.  For Sentry Fire Calder Winegard scored 3 goals and Tanner Winegard scored 2.  Peyton Cudney earned the win in net.

Stokes Inland vs Sentry Fire
In the final game of the night Stokes Inland added to the win column after taking down Sentry Fire 17 - 8.  Three players scored 4 goals each, they were Geremia Nappi, Trever Anderson and Tanner Winegard.  Sinead Marut added 3 goals and Drew Bunda and Nash Lane added 1 each.  For Sentry Fire Calder Winegard scored 4 goals, Dawson Winegard-Milne added 2 and singles by Brady Hutton and Evan Vansickle.  Carter Larocque earned the win in net for Stokes Inland.

      Standings by

Hazlitt Steeves Harris Dunn 16 12 4 0 24
Co-Operators 16 12 4 0 24
Sentry Fire 16 9 6 1 19
KV Sheet Metal 16 7 8 1 15
All Season Concrete 16 4 12 0 8
Stokes Inland 16 3 13 0 6




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