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Western Ontario Sectional Championships Results
tuesday november 11, 2014


Bluewater Region was host to the Western Ontario Sectional Championships last weekend held at the Clearwater Arena.

Sectionals identify the top skaters in each province (Ontario having four Sections) for advancement to the next round of qualifying events ultimately leading to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships.  Sectionals is a skater's first exposure to competitive competition and is organized as closely as possible to the Canadian Championships rules and competitive experience.


Top two skaters/pairs in each division are as follows:

Senior Woman
Maysie Poliziani - Hamilton Skating Club

Meagan Lo - Watford Skating Club


Senior Dance

Victoria Hasegawa & Connor Hasegawa - Riverside Skating Club (Windsor)
Louise Hains & Paul McLean - Hamilton Skating Club



Junior Men
Mitchell Brennan - Hamilton Skating Club

Cody Wong - Preston Skating Club


Junior Women
Taylor Hunsley - Hamilton Skating Club

Keiko Marshall - Hamilton Skating Club


Junior Pair
Mary Orr & Phelan Simpson - Kitchener/Waterloo Skating Club

Shalena Rau & Sebastian Arcieri - Kitchener/Waterloo Skating Club


Novice Men

Matthew Wright - Kitchener/Waterloo Skating Club

Yi Zhou - Kitchener/Waterloo Skating Club


Novice Women

Alison Schumacher - Riverside Skating Club

Amanda Tobin - Burlington Skating Club


Novice Pairs
Jamie Knoblauch & Nathan O'Brien - Preston Skating Club

Colleen Collins & Alex Brauner - Preston Skating Club


Novice Dance
Laura Emery & Dean Holbrough - Ilderton Skating Club

Felicia Bonitatibus & Matthew Korkoian - Hamilton Skating Club


Pre-Novice Men
Alistair Lam - Hamilton Skating Club

Liam McKenzie - Kitchener Skating Club


Pre-Novice Women
Nicole DiMauro - Burlington Skating Club

Olivia Farrow - Burlington Skating Club


Pre-Novice Dance
Olivia Han (Kitchener/Waterloo Skating Club) & Grayson Lockhead (Woodstock Skating Club)

Kara Hogg & Andre McDonald - Kitchener/Waterloo Skating Club






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