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Lauren Handy Signs Letter of Intent with University of Vermont

thursday november 12, 2014

Lauren Handy signed a national letter of intent to attend the University of Vermont on an athletic scholarship for basketball Wednesday night at her home amongst family and friends and former coaches.

The seventeen year old power forward received over seventy-five letters over the last few years from American and Canadian University who were interested in her.

"It just seemed like it was too good to be true.  When coaches started to call thatís when it hit ďI can do thisĒ.  Handy said

Handy who says she was a late bloomer to basketball because her interest was soccer and she didn't want anything to do with basketball.  But because of her height she was convinced to give it a try and in grade six she made the switched and never looked back,  In grade seven she began playing in the Valhalla Basketball program, then later when she entered high school at Northern she played as a senior starting in grade nine.

Handy tried out for Team Ontario where she was selected from over 100 players across the province to represent the Province. In the summers of 2012 and 2013 she spent a lot of time in Toronto training and competing in International tournaments and the highlight was representing Ontario at the Canada games in 2013 in Sherbrook, Quebec where Team Ontario won. Handy feels because of these tournament she received a lot of exposure that helped her get to where she is today.

Handy had a lot of schools to choose from and after narrowing it down to six or seven she felt Vermont was the school for her.

 "I wanted something different than Sarnia and to experience something different," Handy said, then added "But one aspect that was really important was the little hints of home, the campus is on a really big lake and it reminder me of home. Burlington isn't a huge city, it's like Sarnia and I didnít realize how important those reminders of home were until I was there."

Lauren is the daughter of Rick and Pam Handy and she has a 15 year sister, Carmen who also plays basketball.






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