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Lambton Ladies Hockey League Weekly Results

friday november 14, 2014



Hot Tomalies vs Varka
Varka managed to score 4 on the Hot Tomalies who have not allowed a goal this season until tonight BUT it wasn't enough as the Hot Tomalies scored 6 to take the win. Goal scorers for the Tomalies was Deb Walker with 2, Haley Walker, Allison Roddy, Michaela Wong and Natasha Spain getting singles. For Varka Kaitlin Blencowe, Emily King, Katie Mellow and Loanne Torraville each scored once.

Crazy Canucks vs Ice Crushers
The Ice Queens now known as the Ice Crushers came out looking great but could not score a goal despite having new flashy jerseys. The Canucks score 4 to take the win, goal scorers included Jane Pilkey, Julianna Peterson, Karen Smith and Tricia Hill

Red Devils vs Rinking Havoc
It was a 1 goal game but Rinking Havoc comes out on top 2-1 on goals by Larissa May and Shellie Storey. Scoring the lone goal for the Red Devils was Lisa Chafe


Blackhawks vs Sleeping Beauties
Blackhawks get tying goal with 1:10 on the clock to earn a point with the Sleeping Beauties. Scoring for the Hawks were Alex Dobson, Alysia Drouin and Stacey Legge. Sleeping Beauties goal scorers were Melissa Lavolette, Corin Savo and Katherine Shirriff

Flags vs Brownstones
Flags shutout Brownstones 2-0 on goals by Michelle Jenner and Jen Parizeau

Fiddicks vs Twisted Sticksters
Twisted Sticksters score late goal to take the win 3-2 in a very tight game. Courtney Kerslake scores 2 and Alysa Schroeter scored the winner. Mackenzie Sleaford replied with both goals for the Foxes







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