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St. Pat's 8 Man Jr Football Dominated in LKSSAA Final

monday november 17, 2014


The St. Pat's 8 Man Jr. Football team was crowned LKSSAA 8 Man Football Champions after dominating over the Undefeated Northern Vikings 44 - 0 Saturday at Norm Perry Park.

"They are the defending champions," head coach  Dino Petrucci said "The boys had an excellent season. We had two tough losses against Northern so we knew that they were a great team so it required the best of us today

In the regular season Northern defeated St. Pats 10 - 6 and 12 - 10.


"We had a good plan on defence," Middle Lineback Bennett Vani said "We watched a lot of film on these guys and they have a great running and passing game so we really utilized our players to full potential."



The Jr. Irish struck midway through the 1st quarter on a long run and an extra point conversion.  The Irish scored two more majors in the 2nd quarter, and added an extra point and a field goal.  The score at the half was Irish 23, Vikings 0.


The Irish then added three more majors in the 2nd half, and a few extra point kicks.

"We played as the underdog in this game and really worked out good for us because we had nothing to lose," Vani said "So we gave it all and a great outcome came." 











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