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Lambton Ladies Hockey League Recent Results

thursday november 20, 2014

            Monday Night Rec. Division

Varka vs Red Devils

Varka defeated the Red Devils 6-3, Kaitlin Blencowe, Ashley Cuthbert and Heather Riddoch each had a pair for Varka. Janae Dam scored twice and Karlene Campbell got one for the Red Devils.  Stacey Barber earned the win in net for Varka.


Ice Crushers vs Rinking Havoc
Very enthusiastic game but neither team could score a goal, game ended 0-0. Christyann Alexander and Pam Kettlewell post the shutout for their teams.

Crazy Canucks vs Hot Tomalies

Crazy Canucks defeat the Hot Tomalies 1-0 to give them their first loss of the season. Casey Ingold scores the winner and Julianna Peterson shuts the door to earn the shutout.




            Wednesday Night Elite Division


Weather was poor only 1 game was played


Twisted Sticksters vs Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties win 1 -0 over the Twisted Sticksters goal scored by Corin Savo assisted by Kerri McKlellan


Flags win Fiddicks forfeit due to weather


Blackhawks win Brownstones forfeit due to weather





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